• Design of the apartment in the light colors (modern style): photos

    Design of the apartment in the light colors (modern style): photos

    Design of hallway in light colors: photos

    Design of hallway in light colors

    Photos of the design of the light hall can be found in any thematic printed and online edition. Main feature of this color in the interior lies in its ability to visually increase the space and fill it with light and freshness. White hallway has many other benefits.

    Design of the kitchen in light colors: photos

    Design of the kitchen in light colors

    Do you have difficulty choosing the color for kitchen decoration? Pay attention to the classic light kitchens that never go out of style, look neat and perfectly complement the interior of any apartment. Such option is rightfully considered a win-win, as right combination with accessories and other color solutions makes your kitchen very unusual. It cannot be said that light tones are banal and boring. They are perfect for the interior of the kitchen (especially small).

    Light furniture is a perfect solution for those who like to often change decoration, as you can hang a new wallpaper, repaint the walls, make a contrast “dark floor — light kitchen”, and everything will look harmonious. We should note that light furniture goes great with both warm and color colors. Light colors work great with natural materials — stone, wood and bamboo. They are actively used and have proved effective in the design of the kitchen in ethno- and eco-style.

    Design of the living room in light colors (photos)

    Design of the living room in light colors

    Light color is a classic for the living room. They make it warm and comfortable and increase the space. In this, light colors don’t oblige you to choose classic style of interior. It can be Provence, high tech, Scandinavian and many others, which correspond to the fashion trends of the season.

    Light colors for the design of the living room leave room for imagination. You can choose a design concept and add some of your personal wishes, make a room completely independent or combined with other elements. You should know that:

    1. light colors go well with furniture and accessories made of natural materials, for example, with wood and ceramics;
    2. light shades of the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture can always be “diluted” with bright contrast details – carpets, lamps and paintings;
    3. light interior is easy to change and refresh, if you change the focus – replace the bright red cushions on the beige sofa with the pastel green ones, change the color of curtains, etc.;
    4. light colors help you to relax and create the atmosphere of peace.

    Design of the bedroom in light colors

    Design of the bedroom in light colors

    Choosing the design of the bedroom, you first need to determine the color scheme. Modern designers offer a huge number of options for the most demanding taste. The most versatile of them is a design of bedroom in light colors. It gives a sense of freshness and purity, calms and will always remain actual.

    Design of the children’s room in light colors

    Design of the children’s room in light colors

    Light shades in the nursery look very elegant, see for yourself.

    Design of the balcony in light colors

    Design of the balcony in light colors

    Modern classic interior design of the balcony combines aesthetics and functionality, as well as hospitality and warmth of the space. After finishing all the necessary repair works, you should insulate the floor. Laminate is a perfect floor covering. The color of wood is not especially important, but if the furniture will be light, you should give preference to the dark tones (besides, it is practical).

  • Curtains for the living room

    Curtains for the living room (photos)

    Styles of curtains

    Classic curtains for the living room

    Classic curtains for the living room

    The best way to emphasize the elegant luxury of classic design are thick curtains from the expensive fabrics: satin, velvet, brocade, and jacquard. Woven golden or silver patterns (damask, Indian, Royal Lily, etc.) can decorate the monochrome vertical of the walls, while the monochrome glossy texture in the color of drawings will match the wallpaper with embossed print or silkscreen.

    Interior of curtains in the hall in the modern style (photos)

    Interior of curtains in the hall in the modern style

    Laconic modern interior of the living room can be successfully complemented by the curtains of medium density and neutral shades: white, beige, sandy and gray. Topical solution are curtains with color block. Fans of minimalism should take a closer look at the Japanese window panels — absence of drapery makes them look neat and compact. Tulle should be semitransparent, flowing and free of any lace and fringe.

    Curtains for the living room in country style

    Curtains for the living room in country style

    Rustic design is very close to nature. Therefore, ethnic motives, embroidery, calm floral patterns and Scottish square will be appropriate in such living room. Rough canvas: mat, burlap, jute, canvas, unbleached flax and dense cotton look especially organic in the country interior. Ruche, lace and crocheted elements are welcome.

    Types of curtain mounts

    Curtains on the eyelets with tulle for the hall (photos)

    Curtains on the eyelets with tulle for the hall

    Curtains on the eyelets are often used in the creation of living room in the modern style. Eyelets are plastic or metal rings, attached to the round holes in the fabric, made for threading on the cornice in the form of hollow tube. As a result, uniform cascading folds are formed in the curtain fabrics. Strictness and geometric can decorate any window. Besides, long vertical folds can visually increase the height of the room, if the ledge is located under the ceiling, and the fabric cloths are sewn to the floor.

    Curtains on the eyelets can be attached to the cornice in two ways:

    • string the canvas directly on the cornice through the eyelets;
    • use rings or strings as intermediaries between curtains and cornice.

    Curtains with lambrequin

    Curtains with lambrequin

    In addition to its main functions, tulles and curtains often serve for the color or texture “binding” of some interior elements. To make a color transition more harmonious, you can use both simple solutions in window drapery and the ensembles complemented by curtain accessories– grabs, brushes, lambrequins and other types of decorative elements.

    Lambrequin is a horizontal decorative cloth, located in the upper part of window drapery, usually occupying the entire width of cornice. Generally, lambrequin complement the ensemble of curtains and drapery, but the modern style doesn’t impose any prohibitions on the use of this decorative element and other models of curtains.

    Roman blind

    Roman blind

    Thanks to its versatility, laconic design and incredible practicality, Roman blind is actively used in the decoration of modern houses. Living room were no exception. With one amendment – Roman blind is rarely the only element of decoration of the window openings; it acts in company with traditional canvas. At that, different models of curtains are usually made of different materials. Some of them have the pictures, and the other are monochrome.


    1. Large bright flowers, cage (10х10), wide horizontal stripes, firebirds and similar art look great in spacious holes, filling the emptiness. However, in the cramped living room of a small flat, flashy curtains are absolutely inappropriate (even if everything else will be grey). The only exception are flat Japanese panels or roll curtains with realistic print. Photo curtains must reflect a deep perspective — glares of sun, city view, distant forest path, alley, arch, etc.
    2. In a small living room, curtains must not “cut” the wall, near which they are located. It is better to close it with a fabric (together with the window). If such width of curtains is unacceptable, they must match the shade of wallpaper and not contrast them.
    3. To make a room look higher, you should attach the cornice to the ceiling. You can hide it in the niche (intentionally left during installation of the hanging or stretch ceiling), decorate it with gypsum stucco, led strip, lambrequin and choose the color to match the ceiling and/or curbs.

    Blinds for the living room (photos)

    Blinds for the living room

    If the curtains are not suitable, choose the blinds for the living room. In the photo, you can see how nice it looks.

  • Design of the living room (17 m2) in classic style

    Design of the living room (17 m2) in classic style

    Living room with the surface of 17 m2 can’t be called too small, as here you can realize many various design ideas.  Thanks to the photos of the living room designs (17 m2) in classic style, you can see whether this decoration, characterized by elegance and originality, suits you.

    Design of the living room 17 m2 in classic style



    Other requirement of classic style is space. Due to the magnitude, pomposity and massiveness of the whole finishing and furniture, realization of classic interior style requires a large size of the living room. In small living room, you can get only a parody of classic style and stacking.

    Classic implies proper organization of space and placement of items in the house. The magnitude, inherent in this style, is easy to implement in the spacious rooms (with an area of more than 20 m2). However, if the owners have a small living room and want to choose a classic style, the room (16 m2) should be visually expanded:

    • mirrors built into the furniture and mirror walls;
    • visually raise the ceiling, using the glossy stretched fabric of light blue or white color;
    • light floor and walls.

    It is important to avoid large furniture in a small living room. All the furniture must be compact. It is desirable to use functional zoning in any apartment – with bay window, glazed loggia or balcony.

    Color scheme

    Color scheme

    Color scheme used in the interiors of classic living rooms is pastel. The most widespread color solutions are pale yellow, white and their shades. The color of walls can pale blue or green. Gold, bronze, the color of wood, saturated red, blue and green colors are often found in finishing.

    Pastel and muted tones, light textured natural wood and much light are signs of classic. The most popular colors in classic style are: saturated red or Bordeaux (wine shades), the entire beige gamma, which goes great with emerald green. “Metal” shades are also in high esteem:

    • golden;
    • copper;
    • bronze.

    Main combinations of historical style are white and blue base with a background of white-pink color. Bright accents and cold spectrum are acceptable. Design ideas of neoclassic involve the use of yellow and lilac color scheme.



    Pattern from the gypsum cardboard made in classic style will decorate the interior. It is used in the following types of finishing works:

    • For the decoration of monochrome or picturesque ceiling.
    • To frame the walls and emphasize their rectangular shape.
    • To decorate the fireplace (probably, false), located on the one side of the room.
    • Window opening.

    Features of classic interior of the living room

    Features of classic interior of the living room 

    Classic interior style is designed for the large rooms. It involves splendor of environment and presence of the massive furniture made of expensive natural materials. However, even a relatively small room can be designed in classic style.

    Cabinet furniture must be with gilding and include the armchairs with luxurious upholstery and rounded armrests. Obligatory element of any room for receiving guest and rest is sofa. It can be located along one of the long walls. Place two armchairs on either side of the sofa, and the table- in front of it. Electric fireplace is installed on the other wall opposite the sofa, and the TV should hang over it. You should place the jewelry boxes, porcelain figurines and candlesticks on the mantelpiece. Ceiling must be decorated with stucco and bright crystal chandelier.

    In the photo, you can see the design of the living room (17 m2) in classic style admires and impresses with its splendor.



    Furniture of the classic living room must be massive and luxury. Ideally, it should be made of precious wood, decorated with carving and incrustation and upholstered with expensive fabric. “Bronze-like” furniture accessories and gilding are welcome.

    In this style, there is no room for cheap and unpresentable furniture with “fussy” upholstery- only the elite furniture. For example, refined forms from the precious wood, upholstered with leather, velvet or tapestry. Each historical style has its own favorites, but neoclassic is loyal to conditionalities. It includes:

    • cabinet furniture from the textured wood (light and dark);
    • convex pedestals instead of coffee tables;
    • corner and straight sofas with a length of 2.65-2.7 m;
    • large dressers, glass cases and antique bureaus;
    • modular classic furniture;
    • classic soft headsets.
  • Design of the hall in the apartment (16 m2)

    Design of the hall in the apartment (16 m2)

    Design of the hall in the apartment (16 m2)

    Even in a small city apartment, you can perfectly furnish the room to receive guests without hiring a designer. Let’s consider how to project the design of the living room (16 m2) and create a harmonious interior.

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in modern style

    The existing methods of decoration of the living room in the modern style can adhere to such directions as high-tech, techno, modern, art decor, loft, minimalism, vintage and kitsch.

    Interior in Scandinavian style


    Interior in Scandinavian style Interior in Scandinavian style Interior in Scandinavian style

    In creating this style, you should consider that it has no wealth and splendor; therefore, the lounge will look warm and cozy. Use simple elements, without pretentiousness, but preserve the notes of modernity in the interior. Simple decoration is aimed at creating the comfort without excesses in the living room.

    Interior in Scandinavian style Interior in Scandinavian style Interior in Scandinavian style

    Decorating the house in Scandinavian style, you should use the light color scheme. The walls must be of soft pastel colors, while the furniture should be made of natural materials (perfectly — wood). Small accents can be made in dark colors.

    Interior in Scandinavian style Interior in Scandinavian style

    Lighting used in the interior must be artificial, with the use of soft matte glass.

    Interior in Scandinavian style Interior in Scandinavian style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Such style of the living room came from America, where the industrial premises are transformed into the residential ones. This style is characterized by the presence of uncluttered spaces, which are easy to get even when creating the interior of the living room (16 m2) in modern style at the expense of replanning.

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of the hall (16 m2) in the loft style

    Design of minimalistic hall

    This style is characterized by the combination of simplicity and the use of minimum number of items.

    Advice! Using the accessories, remember that they must have a clear form.

    It is not permitted to decorate the interior of small living room (with an area that doesn’t exceed 16 m2) in modern style with the drawings in carved frames, different statues and other fancy elements: such entourage can fit perfectly into the classic style (but not modern).

    Design of minimalistic hall

    Design of minimalistic hall Design of minimalistic hall Design of minimalistic hall

    Design of minimalistic hall Design of minimalistic hall Design of minimalistic hall

    Design of minimalistic hall Design of minimalistic hall Design of minimalistic hall

    Living room in kitsch style

    To decorate the room in kitsch style, it is enough to have any bright idea that you’d like to realize when creating the interior of the living room of average area (up to 20 m2). This style allows for various solutions. In this, finishing of the living room will be pretty, and at the same time unusual, as it will contradict the other, more common directions.

    Living room in kitsch style Living room in kitsch style Living room in kitsch style Living room in kitsch style

    Living room in kitsch style Living room in kitsch style Living room in kitsch style

    Living rooms, decorated in this style, often look a little rough, but at the same time bright, lush and unusual.

    Design of the living room (16 m2)


    You can rationally arrange the furniture and domestic appliances to save as much free space as possible. Transformation of the living room (16 m2) into the full-fledged living room can include the following stages:


    • definition of function of the future premises (to receive guests, rest, watching TV and arranging feasts);
    • planning of the general style of the living room;
    • development of detailed design of the room;
    • renovation and interior decoration of the room;
    • placement of furniture

    Design of the living room 16 m2 Design of the living room 16 m2 Design of the living room 16 m2 Design of the living room 16 m2

    Design of the living room 16 m2 Design of the living room 16 m2 Design of the living room 16 m2

    Advice and recommendations

    To make the space cozy, you should consider several recommendations in the design of the living room (16 m2):

    • To visually increase a small living room, it is enough to hang a mirror. Fully mirrored sidewall makes the interior luxury. Apart from mirrors, there are lots of other glossy surfaces that reflect the light properly.
    • If there are many things, you can use the hidden storage places for them. These can be niches for the linen in the sofas, case-compartment and high bookcases. There are also multifunctional beds, tables and transformer cupboards, which will be perfect for a small apartment.
    • Corners often stay free, even though one can make the most of them. Corner sofas and cabinets are intended for this purpose. You can separate a free angle with a small wall from gypsum cardboard or bookcase, where the work area with a writing table and a computer will be placed.
    • Other useful items, necessary for a small living room: folding chairs and sofas, slide table and backless sofa.
  • living room storage ottoman_28

    Chest of drawers as the way of living-room storage

    The living-room chest of drawers is the compact system for storage of many necessary things. They are equipped with the drawers of different size, height and capaciousness. The main destination of this kind of furniture is to provide efficient and comfortable storage of things.

    Forms and construction of the chest of drawers

    The key feature of chest of drawers, distinguishing it from the other storage systems, is the presence of drawers. The classic models represent stocky low constructions with several rows of drawers of the same height. More functional living-room chests of drawers can have additional niches, hidden behind the swing doors, open shelves or mirrors.

    According to the type of location, the living-room chests of drawers are divided into: wall, attached, mounted and island.

    The island living-room chests of drawers are the largest. They have the same decoration of the front part and the back wall. They can be situated in the center of the living-room, dividing the spacious accommodation into separate elements. Some models have the possibility of two-sided access to the contents. The side compartment or the back walls of such chest of drawers are equipped with the separate doors or the system of shelves and drawers.

    The mounted living-room chests of drawers are the original decision for modern interior. Fastened to the wall, they leave the free space between the lower part of furniture and the floor. That’s why the accommodation looks more spacious, and the interior- nonconventional.
    The attached living-room chests of drawers are more compact, and their height rarely exceeds the coffee table. Their basic function is to complete larger or more massive furniture and unite the separate elements into the whole composition. The attached living-room chests of drawers can be stationary or mobile.

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    The wall living-room chest of drawers is the most common group. Due to the location peculiarities, such furniture has the beautiful front and side parts, while the back wall is usually made of cheaper and simpler materials. The wall chests of drawers can have classic forms, the forms of pen cases, have additional shelves and glassing, or serve as a cabinet or support.

  • paint colors for living room green_18

    Practical advice on the paint colors for living-room

    At the time of repair, many people find it difficult to choose the suitable color for the walls painting. This is not surprising, as everyone knows that the color of walls painting determines the general impression of home interior. It is very important that the paint color satisfies the tastes of the house owner. But you should also take into account the functional purpose of every room.

    The color has a great influence on the mood and atmosphere of the house. So that the chosen color score creates harmony in your apartment, stick to a single rule: it is necessary to choose one neutral color, blending with the whole interior. At that, this color needn’t be the basic one.

    For example, the basic color of interior is blue. So, you should choose the light shade from neutral palette, matching to the basic color and the rest of environment.

    • Choose orange, and your living-room will turn into the warm, informal place, expressing your adventurous spirit. The walls will radiate optimism and enthusiasm, confidence and creativity.
    • Red color will fill your home with boldness and sensuality. Complete it with the suitable furniture and your red living-room will turn into the triumph of passion.
    • Green living-room represents the perfect solution for private space and for the rare moments, when you can finally relax and have nothing in your head.
    • Blue is the color of truth. The blue living-room is very elegant and conservative. Though, the change of shade can make it surprisingly dynamical.
    • Violet color is quite unusual. Mostly, it is preferred by the fans of everything mysterious, people with developed intuition and creative potential.
    • If you’re a practical, friendly and reliable person, choose brown.

    As we can see, there are a lot of ideas for the paint color of your living-room. Everything matters, when you choose the walls color, so approach this question competently, aiming at the perfect result.

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  • living room interior

    Different variations of living room interior

    The living-room is the center of any house or apartment. Therefore, it is usually the largest and the most spacious room of the house. As a rule, this room is intended not only for the guests’ reception, but also for the family rest. So, the living-room must be functional, and its interior design must combine stylishness, comfort, luxury and practicality. The comfortable environment should match your tastes, and your guests should feel themselves comfortable and relaxed.

    There are many options for realization of the living-room interior. But you can also think out your own variant of decoration. Living-room is the place where you can realize any of your ideas without limiting yourself to the functional requirements, applied to the other rooms. If you wish, you can perform the living-room interior in a single style. But you can also divide it into zones, each of which has its own functional purpose. It’ll make each separate member of your family feel more comfortable.

    The living-room unites and links together all the rooms of the house. It’s a room where the house owners spend the major part of their life.

    Decorating the living-room, you can realize the most daring ideas, as the living-room represents the great field for experiments. In this room you can combine various architectural and design forms. The main thing is that everything goes well together, matches a single style and doesn’t break the harmony of interior.

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    Developing the living-room interior, you must aim to create the place filled with comfort and coziness. It must be not only functional and comfortable, but also give the aesthetic pleasure. The living-room is just the place to relax and communicate with friends and family.

    Creating the living-room equipment, take into account the taste, style and comfort. The furniture can be of any kind. The main thing is that it creates the atmosphere of rest and relaxation. The color score depends only on the house owner’s taste. Performing the decoration of your living-room, don’t encumber the space with decorative elements or stucco molding, as they reduce the space.

  • decorate lounge room

    How to decorate your lounge properly

    Lounge represents the very important part of every apartment, as it is the place for family rest, guests’ reception and celebrations. The interior design can tell everything about the habits, tastes and characters of the house owners. Besides, everyone entering your lounge will determine your status at once, as this room represents the best that the family has.

    Zoning is the optimal decision

    As the lounge is used for several purposes, it is advisable to carry out zoning. After all, this room is multifunctional. Here we spend leisure-time with family members, gather with friends, and sometimes even work.

    For a start, it is necessary to determine the center of accommodation and emphasize it. Usually it is a TV set, which is encircled with the rest of the furniture. By the way, the TV set is the most important household appliance. That’s why it is necessary to find it a suitable location. Firstly, the TV set must locate at a safe distance from the sofa, not to ruin the eyesight. The correct distance is calculated in the following way: measure the screen width and multiply the resulted number by 8. It is also possible to equip the lounge with home cinema instead of usual TV set. Both the family members and the guests will like it even more.

    You must also find a place for dining zone and recreation zone. But, speaking of the most modern design, the hall interior is just the thing you need. Nowadays, the most popular style of the lounge design is classic style with the addition of some modern attributes, such as a cabinet without angles or original upholstered furniture in red color.

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    The décor items must match the general style of interior. A small number of accessories is necessary even in the most laconic and austere interior, or else the room will look lifeless. The most suitable lounge accessories include: the beautiful textile (curtains, furniture covers, cushions); natural flower compositions; framed pictures; all sorts of fancy goods (decorative plates, china figures, etc.)

  • living room design 2018_12

    Unusual ideas for living room design

    Creating the interior design of the living-room, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all family members. The living-room is the place where the whole family gets together. That’s why it is very important that everybody feels comfortable.

    Before starting to design the future living-room, it is necessary to determine its functions.

    Zoning of the living-room

    Zoning of the living-room depends on its functions. For example, in one-room flat, the living room acts as bedroom, kid’s room, study, dining-room and a room for guests’ reception. According to your needs, the living-room must be divided into separate zones.
    If you live in the one-room flat, plan the recreation zone very carefully. After all, the living-room will serve both as the room for guests’ reception, and as the bedroom. It’s important to choose the suitable sofa. It must be compact when assembled, but quite spacious when disassembled.

    If the space allows, you might separate the different zones. Use the screen or double-sided shelf for this purpose.

    The furniture in living-room interior

    The furniture in living-room interior must be located so that you can comfortably move around the room. Not to carry the sofas and the cabinets from place to place, plan the future location of the furniture beforehand.

    The lighting in living-room interior

    There must be several light sources in the in living-room interior. The ceiling light must be bright enough. The room must be also equipped with several additional light sources. It will create romantic and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Use the floor lamp or sconce as the source of bright directional light, and the beautiful standard or table lamp to create the evening dim light.

    Textile in the interior design of the living-room

    Textile is a very important detail of interior design. It adds completeness and comfort to the room interior. The textile must not only go well together, but also match the color score of interior. It can combine the whole range of colors, adding the new tints. Bright curtains, soft cushions, beautiful plaid- all these things can be real works of art. Such articles create the individual style of accommodation.

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  • color design living room ideas_5

    The meaning of color in living-room design

    Making home repairs, we try to please every member of the family. The design of kid’s room must match the children’s tastes, the kitchen decoration has to meet the housewife’s wishes, and the bedroom is made according to the tastes of its dwellers. But there is a place in the house, where the whole family, relatives and guests get together. It is a living-room. The question arises- how to make this place comfortable for all?

    First of all, the living-room must be quite comfortable and spacious. Therefore, it’s unadvisable to encumber it with furniture. It’s up to you to decide, whether to cover the walls with paper hangings or paint them. Meanwhile, we’ll tell you about the meaning of wall coloring in the living-room.

    White color

    This color symbolizes purity and innocence. But in some people it can cause a headache, and the abundance of white can even blind. However, due to its reflectivity, white can visually expand the space. This color fits romantic and Scandinavian interior style perfectly.

    Yellow color

    This color is merry, optimistic and vivifying. As well as the white one, it has good reflectivity. Yellow fits the rooms, located on the North side. There, yellow will act as the lighter, adding the warm climate to the room.

    Red color

    Red stimulates and stirs, increases physical activity, inspires and raises the spirits. It’s the color of fire. Red improves appetite and elevates blood pressure. But its abundance can provoke aggression or anger. Red can visually reduce the space. It matches with the design in Oriental style.

    Green color

    Green relaxes helps to concentrate attention and create a prefect atmosphere for rest. The interior acquires freshness and elegance, especially in combination with blue, grey and violet shades.

    Blue color

    Blue calms and inspires. It can visually expand the space. It is the perfect choice both for the bedroom and for the living-room.

    Brown color

    The walls of the living-room, painted brown, add the effect of refinement and elegance to the interior. You can enliven and complete the composition with blue, orange and red shades.

    It is unadvisable to paint the walls of the house black, as this color is too strong and depressing.

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  • Decor

    The most effective ways to decorate a living room

    The living room is the room where all the family gets together and receives guests. That’s why the house owners try to place the most beautiful furniture, souvenirs and pictures in this room. It’s also accepted to decorate the windows and doors with the original curtains. Such details form the final stage of interior decoration.

    Effective and simple ways of living room decoration

    Developing the design of any room, you shouldn’t forget about the elements of animate and inanimate nature. You can buy a few stone vases, intersticed with pieces of glass and metal. The decorative glass and sea stones blend well with the interior and remind of summer holiday.

    The rare specimen of plants can play their own role in the living room decoration. The high indoor plant can decorate the interior and change the perception of the floor-to-ceiling height. The plants, hanging from the upper part of the wall, visually diminish the room height, so don’t use them in the low living room.
    You can use the unpretentious window plants, pictures and fancy articles to create the cozy atmosphere.

    It’s possible to vary the restrained interior design, using the exotic plant with unusual leaves. You should choose one suitable place for it and don’t remove it unnecessarily. Such plants aren’t usually taken outdoors when moving from place to place.

    The simplest and the most efficient way to decorate any room are the decorative pillows.

    You can either buy them in the shop or sew them with your own hands. But in any case, the color of pillows must match the color of the walls, curtains, pictures and other elements. The colors can either contrast or reflect the prevailing colors of interior. Too quiet atmosphere can be refreshed and varied with the help of bright decorative pillows.

    The mirrors fit perfectly for the decoration of living room. You can put the old mirrors in the new contrast frames and hang them on the walls. Such element can add a bit of chaotic character to the general design image. That’s why the decoration of mirrors and their style can be slightly different.
    To distract from the bustle of big city, you can buy a false fireplace and decorate it according to your taste with the pieces of gypsum cardboard, remained after the repair. The fireplace will add a certain zest to the general living room interior and create the feeling of warmth and comfort to the night gatherings with friends.

  • Decor

    The most original ideas of living room interior design

    Living room is the most important room of the house, where the house owners receive guests and spend their free time in the in the bosom of the family. People usually choose the largest apartment to design the living room, as its space must be multifunctional. Besides, the living room interior design must be comfortable and practical. According to the total floor space of the house or apartment, you can choose the different options of zoning. If your apartment is small, you can increase your living room by means of loggia or balcony, where you can arrange the place for tea-drinking. Besides, the design interior of living rooms in small apartments should be performed in “semi-open” way (i.e., combined with the kitchen).

    Nowadays, the number of new apartments with the huge rooms grows significantly. The owners of such spacious apartments can easily realize all of their fantastic ideas in the creation of comfortable living room. The interior design of living room in the apartment is usually divided into the zones (for example, the dining area and the zone of active rest). Here you can place the dining table, home cinema, comfortable arm-chairs and coffee table. All kinds of accessories and supports act as the bright element of decoration.

    There are different styles of living room interior- from classic to modern. The choice of room coloring depends on the owner’s taste. You can choose either warm neutral colors or the cold ones. Use the color to divide the room into two parts. For example, use quiet colors to mark the recreation zone at the fireplace or TV set, and the cheerful ones to decorate the dining area. Remember that the color score affects the mood. To plan the design interior with your own hands, you require certain knowledge and sense of taste and style. Not everybody can realize the harmonious layout. That’s why it is advisable to consult the professional designer.

    To start the creation of interior, you have to think over everything carefully. You should use the space as efficient and creative as possible. The plan of living room interior design is the “face” of the house and the reflection of the house owner himself/herself, emphasizing his/her individuality. First of all, the living room is the place for rest, so the person must feel comfortable here. The choice of furniture must be based not only on its pleasing appearance, but also on its comfortable use.

    We hope that the process of living room interior design will help you to create the atmosphere of coziness in your house.