• mazda rx8 tuning

    Mazda RX-8 tuning: important details and recommendations

    If you are the owner of the Mazda RX-8, probably you want to improve it and make the ride even faster
    For starters, you can replace the spark coils (e.g. BHR or Promaz is analogue of Bosch coils, you will need x4 amplifier Microtech). Replacement of coils should be carried out when your current coil will deny.
    If you feel the vibration at idle – check and replace engine mountings if necessary.

    Then you should get a good set of rubber, something like Toyo R888 for the track on lightweight forged wheels.
    The next step should be the modernization of suspension and braking system. This is achieved by installing a set of coilovers, for example, KW V3, Greddy Type S or BC BR-Range (Taiwanese manufacturer that uses Greddy / HKS components), reinforced stabilizers Whiteline (greatly influence on the handling for little money), and stabilizer bushings, sports brake discs and pads.

    You can replace the factory grip on some well-known brands such as ACT and Exedy, change all vacuum tubes to silicone.
    For better monitoring the condition of the car, in the vehicle you can accommodate extra gauges showing temperature and oil pressure, boost pressure (for example, Racing Beat).

    mazda rx8 tuning

    Further, a significant step in improving can be the installing of 2-stroke oil adapter for the oil metering pump (WDR, Oil Metering Pump). These adapters are produced, for example, by Rotary Aviation, Real World Solutions and Richard Sohn. The adapter consists of a metal plate with several holes in it and a nozzle which can be connected to a hose. The purpose of the adapter is to stop motor oil using to lubricate apex seals in the rotary engine, that gives the following advantages:

    1. The engine no longer burns the oil from the oil pan;
    2. Engine seals get fresh, clean oil;
    3. Engine seals are lubricated by 2-stroke oil, which should be burned.

    And now a little boring theory.
    Wankel engine, which are used in Mazda RX8, needs oil in the combustion zone to lubricate metal seals.
    Most of the standard rotary engines use the dosing pump which injects a small amount of engine oil from the sump into the intake manifold and / or directly into the combustion chamber. Engine oil is intended to lubricate the slide bearings and heat transfer from the engine to the cooling area.

    The RX8 heat transfer is made from the oil via the oil cooler. When the engine oil is injected into the combustion chamber it is only partially burned, leaving sludge. These sludges can be accumulated and they will degrade the performance of the engine, also they can cause jams at apex seals, reducing compression and, ultimately, to the overhaul of the engine.

    One obvious way to prevent this is disconnecting the metering pump and mix oil for two-stroke engines with gasoline, as required to do for some of the old two-stroke engines. With this method, it was proved that the oil for two-stroke engines is effective lubrication and does not lead to the accumulation of combustion products.

  • 2014 mazda 6

    2018 Mazda 6: some facts and opinions

    Spectacular cars always find their buyers only for the fact that they do not aspire to be like the others. Mazda 6 series sold well and without updates, but the Japanese have followed their pre-prepared plans and decided to add fuel to the fire, presenting a new generation in 2017 – 2018 to the market.

    Sedan class of D segment is quite complicated in competitive terms. Today, all world-known manufacturers are represented at this class, and each of them brings to their cars something interesting. The buyer, looking at photos and pacing for a test drive these sedans, gets great difficulty in choosing.

    Predatory style of concern cars became the trend more than ten years ago. Until today, the company provides only a slight restyling most of its lineup. Photos of the previous generation can be actively compared with the 2014 model and looked for a number of differences:

    • narrowing of the forecarriage and creating a sense of less aggressive car;
    • refinement of lines, visual increase of the vehicle;
    • Use of larger diameter wheels;
    • complete change of interior – a familiar feature of the car.

    There are a lot of differences, but they are all in the details. And there not always visible pictured. You can safely say that the 6 series perfectly evolved with the creation of a new design, but you can have the same confidence that the “six” will get negative reviews too.
    The problem is that Japanese corporation’s design of the last years began to yield considerable criticism. Cars change a little. Photo of a decade ago can be compared with the 2014 model, and there would be a lot in common. But have been all the truth hidden in the photo? Many believe that preserving the traditions of design is a great decision that is worthy of respect.

    Mazda 6 series currently has two powertrains:

    • 2-liter petrol SKYActive, delivers 150 horsepower;
    • older brother of the previous with 2.5-liter unit and 192 hp.

    6-speed manual is decorated characteristics of the junior engine. As an option, you can buy a machine with 6 switching ranges. On a test drive at the showroom you will likely get 2014 – 2015 version with older engine and automatic (for the 2.5-liter unit mechanics are not available).
    Mazda 6 offers excellent amenities:

    • advanced security options, 6 airbags and curtains;
    • trip computer that performs a test of some car units;
    • branded audio system;
    • adjustable steering column and driver seat;
    • Air conditioning;
    • central locking and remote control.
  • Auto

    Mazda CX-5 as the most popular Mazda SUV

    mazda suv
    Mazda SUV

    In 2011, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt the world premiere of the Japanese crossover Mazda CX-5 took place. In spite of its compact size – 4540 mm long, 1840 mm wide and 1670 mm in height, CX-5 promises to offer enough space for all passengers, especially thanks to 2700 mm wheelbase. Due to the smaller tilt of windshield driver’s area was moved closer to the hood, as a result there are more space at the back couch. Trunk volume equals to 463 liters, it can be significantly increased due to the separate rear seats – 40/20/40.
    Mazda CX-5 was the first serial representative of the brand presenting a new design direction «KODO – Soul of Motion» (literal translation: the spirit of the movement), which debuted earlier at Shinari and Minagi concepts. The exterior is quite attractive and modern. The main distinguishing feature of the design is a large pentagonal radiator grille. There are seven possible colors, mostly shades of gray, black and white, two new, specially for the CX-5 – red and blue.

    Interior pleases good ergonomics and quality materials. Seats can be trimmed in fabric or leather, with a choice of two colors- black or sand. Systems can be controlled via a disk on the central console or via the touch screen. Ports for USB and players, Bluetooth, navigation are available.

    In Europe, the new Mazda CX-5 comes in two varieties – front and all-wheel drive, with a choice of two engines SkyActiv – 2,0-liter gasoline unit with 165 hp and 210 Nm of torque, and two varieties of 2.2-liter diesel engine with 150 hp and 380 Nm or 175 hp and 420 Nm. In our market the car will be available with 2.0-liter 150-horsepower gasoline engine, which is paired with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. In developing these engines the company pays special attention to the environmental friendliness of engines – diesel engine emits only 120 g / km. Mazda engineers have paid great attention to the aerodynamics (Cd: 0,33) and the weight of the CX-5, which favorably affected the reduction of fuel consumption.

    The car is equipped with ‘start-stop’ system, which Mazda has named i-stop. The speed of its operation is one of the best. There are cruise control, monitoring dead zones system, which starts to work already at 30 km / h, lining tracking system(by the way, with frequent lane changes, so-called ” checkers”, the system takes the style of driving and stop lighting disturbing pictures ), High-Beam Assistant, the automatic braking. The latter working depends on the speed: up to 15 km / h it is able to completely stop the vehicle in case of danger, to 30 km / h – to reduce the consequences of a collision.

  • mazda 6 review

    Mazda 6 review: types, variants and characteristics

    mazda 6 review
    In 2003, Mazda 6 succeeded Mazda 626. Changing the index symbolizes image renewal. From now it’s not a commonplace family vehicle, but a sport-tuned roomy car. Mazda has managed to change the perception of the brand – in this car there is nothing from the previous models. New design, new interior, new platform, enhanced performance, driving dynamics, all that distinguishes the new car from its predecessor Mazda 626.

    Mazda 6 design is a harmonious blend of the classic elements, that includes corporate identity and new pioneering ideas that are surprising and clearly distinguish the car from the crowd. Powerful and muscular look of the car is brought by the athletic contours of the body and swollen wheel arches.

    The flowing lines of the body, flared wheel arches and stunning optics are only parts of what determines the uncompromising appearance of Mazda 6. Mazda 6 optics is unusual in that dipped and high beams, fog lights, parking lights and turn signals were put together in one block.
    There are three body styles: sedan, hatchback, and sport wagon Mazda 6. Each of the three variants is dynamic, elegant and functional.
    If we talk about the sedan, this is a car of the middle class, which has the highest level of performance. Modern, stylish and sporty design of the car is combined with a spacious, functional interior, as well as a completely new series of engines.

    Mazda 6 hatchback is a versatile in all ways. The car combines functionality and comfort, and also has a handy dashboard and a large choice of powerful engines.

    Wagon completes Mazda 6 line. The car with this type of bodywork offers everything you need. The car has a functional, versatile and spacious interior. The latest diesel engine and the availability of all-wheel drive (4WD) makes the Mazda 6 wagon a real pleasure to drive. In addition to all the above, it is an excellent quality and high-quality finish of refined design.

    The interior of the vehicle meets the highest modern requirements. The ultra-modern materials throughout the interior, high-quality plastic and light alloys, leather steering wheel and shift knob PPC define standard, regardless of body type.

    The interior is not only stylish, but also comfortable. Concise classic design, all parts must be legible and perfectly aligned with each other, and most of the panels are made of soft plastic with a pleasant texture. Leather on the seats, door panels and steering wheel rim gently underlines the solidity and sports motifs of the interior. Convenient handles of adjustments, as well as controls for cruise control and radio on the steering wheel, allow the driver even for a moment not to get distracted from the road in order to make driving even safer.