• Unique abilities of the modern kitchen sink

    Unique abilities of the modern kitchen sink

    Which object is the most important in the kitchen? It turns out to be a kitchen sink. After all, we spend 60 % of working time with it. It means that the choice of kitchen sink must be well-thought-out. All wishes, details and nuances must be taken into consideration.
    Apart from its technological opportunities, it must blend perfectly with the interior and be its sequential, or, on the contrary, place emphasis on its background.

    There is a wide range of kitchen sinks on sale. So how must we make it out, and choose the most acceptable option, that combines reasonable price, high quality and functionality? If you’ll achieve this result, your kitchen sink will serve you well for a long time.

    The functions of kitchen sink go behind the banal dishwashing, especially as the modern housewives have the dishwashers in their kitchens.

    Well-chosen kitchen sink can wash fruits vegetables, rinse working accessories, unfreeze meat and fish, leak excess liquid from the prepared dishes, wash and dry non-standard dishes, and fulfill a lot of other task about the kitchen easily.

    Apart from standard forms, the modern kitchen sinks can have fancy curves and geometrical patterns, which can satisfy the most daring technical solutions. They are fit out with one, two or three bowls, one or two wings, automatic valve, water overflowing hole and garbage grinder. There is also a possibility to equip modern kitchen sinks with an additional tap of filtered water, fruit baskets, chopping boards, and even burners.


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    The interior design of modern drawing room

    If you prefer to design your drawing room in the modern style, it means that you want to equip it with comfort, coziness and modern innovations. The modern style of drawing room adds the atmosphere of comfort, rest, relaxation and spaciousness. Such drawing room must be “vivid”.

    The peculiarities of modern drawing room

    • The sofa is the center of the room. It sets the mood of the whole interior;
    • The other furniture is often portable;
    • The wide use of new technologies, equipment and hardware;
    • The play or colors and shades. Mostly, people use quiet colors, combined with bright accents, to complete the overall picture of modernity;
    • The concept of easy minimalism. Usually, the modern style is characterized by the minimum quantity of functional furniture. It leaves a lot of free space for the rest;
    • The décor is free. You can choose any accessories you like. The main thing is that they blend with the overall design of your drawing room.

    The main idea of the modern style is practicality and simplicity. Such design interior allows you to make your drawing room fashionable and cheerful. It’s especially interesting that choosing the modern style, you can blend the most incongruous materials and elements. You can give full scope to your imagination.

    To create the most comfortable space, you should think what you need it for. After all, it’s not just a “nice room”, but a place where your family and guests must feel comfortable and cozy. So, of late the functionality became the main feature of the modern style. Don’t encumber the room with unnecessary items and a large number of décor, as it will draw away the attention. Everything must be as thought-out and functional as possible.

    The modern interior often intends the use of large items of plain forms. It is not necessarily to form the furniture set. You can choose one sofa from one collection, and the arm-chair and the other sofa- from the other.

    People often place coffee table in the modern living room, as the glass adds the effect of airiness and lightness to the interior.
    As for the storage of some things and objects, you should pay attention to the small-sized shelves. You can choose the small cupboards with doors or open shelves, built into a wall.

    The modern style of living room interior expresses freedom and naturalness, along with grace.

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    Characteristics of modern kitchen design

    The kitchens of the modern design are the perfect choice for the people, which want to keep up with the progress and aim to use the newest technologies. Modern kitchen style is usually subdivided into three directions: modern, high-tech and minimalism.

    Modern style of kitchen supposes the use of strict geometric forms and simple color combinations. The peculiarity of this style is the open space, the sharpness of forms and practically total absence of décor. As for the façade materials, modern style presumes the use of both modern (plastic, enamel or film facade) and traditional (wood or veneer) materials.

    Hi-tech is the style of design, characterized by the prevalence of the technics, metal, glass and plastic. The peculiarities of this style are the use of irregular geometrical figures and the smooth overflowing of surfaces. Constructive units, fastening, joints and rivets, a lot of glass and metal details are used as the decoration. The main feature of this style is placing emphasis on the home appliances.

    The kitchens, made in style of minimalism, are characterized by straight-line design, moderate coloring and the abundance of free space. Another peculiarity of this style is the use of compact built-in cabinets. The recesses in the wall are used as the wall shelves. There must be no open shelves, railing system and open storage trays. Nothing has to attract attention.

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    Modern interior design

    Currently the phrase “interior design” is often understood differently by each person. If the word “interior” is used rather in specific meaning – it is the inner space of the room and its furnishing, the expression “interior design” can be interpreted as the design of internal space, what is based on the principles of a combination of convenience, efficiency and beauty.

    Interior design is art, in which the designer becomes an artist. For creation of unique interiors you need the ability to move away from the templates and great accumulated experience – for avoiding small mistakes.

    In practice the interior design ideas, at first, are the ways for taming of space. The designer starts with the entire space of the room and then fills it with necessary paint, parts and items. Besides the beauty and economy, interior design must include, as we have said, convenience. Even a small space of the hall in your apartment can serve as worthy gates in your home, if there you will find a place for wardrobe, mirror, basket for umbrellas, shelf for shoes and small ottoman.

    If we speak about interior design for offices, everything is more prosaic, because we have, for example, established scheme of interiors for various spheres of business: strict dark for law firms, bright with plenty of phyto – for beauty salons, etc. But, of course, as in any art, experimentation will be welcomed

    Gallery of modern interior design

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    Features of the modern style in interior design.

    What do we call “modern” style in interior design? Straight lines, sharp forms, a minimum of accessories and décor, what is created contrary to the traditional view of comfort.

    Judging from the title, “modern” means “today”, the “here and now” interior. But in widely sense modern interior design is, first of all, direct contrast to the traditional style.

    Less is better: uniform surfaces are instead of the convex reliefs, cloth with a neutral figure or without patterned prints, at least accessories are instead a lot of little things on shelves and art galleries. If modern style hasn’t warm comfort of classical interior, it does not mean that it is repulsive and uninhabitable.

    Strong accent of the lines and shapes (two components of a brilliant design) determines the energy of the modern style. This is the interior of open spaces, what are rich in natural light and air. It does not tolerate confusion and chaos, each its element becomes significant.

    White, beige, grey, black are included to the favorite palette of modern style. Monochrome and color scheme tone on tone let the lines and shapes to come to the foreground.

    Actual design made popular open spaces. It’s not just huge and empty rooms, but almost a work of art, is the inside of modern architecture.
    If you like to walk barefoot, even on the tiled floor, then modern style is just for you. It rejects carpets due to their addiction to smooth solid surfaces. Not covered floor can be made from different materials, but especially actual in modern interior design is light wood (maple, ash), dark wood (wenge), natural stone, granite tiles or cement floor.

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    The perfect equipment of modern bedroom

    Nowadays, all of us can afford the room, intended only for sleep. That’s why we want this room to be fashionable and modern! How to design the bedroom interior properly? There are some rules and niceties.

    What are the latest developments?

    The main distinctive feature of the modern bedroom is its special layout. As well as the other rooms, the bedroom is even more often designed in style of practical minimalism. It assumes the revision of storage systems. Formerly, the bedrooms were equipped with standard furniture set (the bed, bedside tables, cupboard, dressing table with the mirror and padded stool). But now, the only required object is bed. The bedside tables are mostly replaced with the small dressers. Besides, the modern bedrooms can be settled with the new, unknown before “inhabitants”.

    All inclusive!

    Surely, if your bedroom is small, the interior design will come to the one main idea: how to place all the attributes, necessary for sleep and storing clothing. But if the measurements of your room allow it, it would be good to turn into the universal recreation place.

    The new bedroom infrastructure

    Dressing room

    It can be either a room communicating with bedroom, or real partitioned off “corner” with the front door, or a simple nook behind the sliding partition, where you store seasonal clothes.

    Cozy nook for reading

    If you like to retire with a book, you should organize the cozy nook in your bedroom for this purpose. It is not necessarily to stuff your bedroom with your whole home library. Zone a small shelf for the books; put a few arm-chairs and a floor lamp- and your cozy nook is ready!

    TV set

    It must not be used too often, as the radiation from the screen is unhealthy. And you have to sleep here all night long!

    Sports equipment

    You can use the trainers at any convenient time without disturbing your family and attracting attention.

    The ecology of your sleep

    As the bedroom is the room where we spend most of our time, you must pay special attention to its decoration and materials we use for it.

    The most preferable materials:

    • natural parquet
    • paper hangings
    • water-dispersion paints
    • sisal and rattan
    • natural carpets
    • wooden furniture with the upholstery out of natural fabric and genuine leather.
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    The main rules of modern interior design

    The concept of contemporaneity is very relative, as modern design styles alternate each other so fast, that some of them definitely becomes classic. So, is it still possible to call it contemporary? Not to get confused with the definitions, one should unite all the trends in one fresh vision, which helps to distinguish the modern interior at first glance.

    The modern town-dweller wants to be surrounded by comfortable and calm atmosphere, without anything unnecessary. Everything in the modern apartment must have its clear destination.

    The interior design of modern apartments

    The color score of modern apartments deserves special attention. There are some certain styles, such as glamour and pop-art, which accept screaming acid shades and the abundance of glitter and gloss. But speaking in general, you’ll hardly find anything bright or screaming in the contemporary style. It is characterized by somewhat boring but comfortable for perception colors: grey, brown, white, green and black. You can dilute one of the basic quiet shades with a few bright accents, but there must not be too many of them.

    It is also necessary to observe moderation in the wall finishing. If you want to have a bright coupon, textured wall, a huge picture out of photo wallpaper, choose one of these elements. Don’t overload the wall with unnecessary details. After all, they bear a heavy load, as people often use wall shelves, consoles, racks and mounts to clear the things up from the floor. The wall shelves allow keeping the floor maximally free. Such elements as curtains also suffer considerable changes. Earlier you could see the modern classic- brown curtains with eyelets almost in any room. But the modern kitchen, bedroom and living room interior design is characterized by the use of laconic roller blinds. It is caused by their comfort, the ease of use and care.

    Both city apartments and modern house design, developed in the modern style, must include eco-features. It can be the use of eco-materials in the finishing, the elements of nature, such as the installations with green plants and the paving of bathroom floor with shingle. In fact, observing these nuances, we make our life a bit healthier and brighter.