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    Baby nursery: main aspects and design ideas

    Delivery of the child in the family is always a holiday! This is truly a momentous event. There is one more important issue that should be approached wisely. This arrangement of a child’s room: what colors and shades will be more favorable for the child? What is needed in the first place, but what can you put aside?

    If possible, the children’s room is better to be located close to the parents’. So you can always hear by night your “cheerful” baby.
    Make sure that close to the child there would be no extraneous noise from the TV, the loud music, noise from the window, unruly neighbors, etc. It is no secret that kids has a light sleep.

    Particular attention should be given to the access to the window, because a year later the baby will explore the world on his or her own and try to take, open, close, touch and taste everything.

    The room should have at least outlets and furniture should be with a minimum of sharp angles. Outlets can be placed higher up on the floor, so the baby could not reach them.

    The most important thing in the room of a newborn baby is a cot. Kids sleep two-thirds of the time. The bed should be of high quality. This means: no curtains and shutters (there should be an access to fresh air), no upholstery fabric on the walls of the crib (it’s blocking the kid’s overlook; he or she would not see anything except the ceiling). The bed should be placed in a quiet place with a minimum amount of light, but not in the dark.

    There should not be too much furniture, only what is necessary for healthy growth and evolution of children: playpen, lockers for toys, etc.

    As for the changing table, it is better to place near the lockers, which store all the accessories for child care. And in general, there must be a furniture for parents too (particularly for mothers), as a caring parent spends a lot of time with the babies in his or her room.

    Furniture as well as everything else in the room must be made of natural materials that do not provoke allergies.

    The walls in the nursery

    The optimum colors for the walls in the nursery are bright little figures and blotches on a neutral light background. Later the children will draw, paint on everything that comes to hand. Washable wallpaper or other easily maintained coating can be very helpful.

    The flooring and the ceiling in the nursery

    The child, especially the nursling, which is not yet able to walk, spend a lot of time on the floor. Therefore, you should consider the choice of the coating with the utmost seriousness.

    Many experts recommend cork. It is beneficial to the child’s feet when walking, soft to the touch; it does not cause allergies, and retains heat well.

    The ceiling in the children’s room is the perfect place to put the developing scenery. Quite popular are glowing in the dark stars and hanging ornaments. They can be placed over the crib, the child would not look at the bare ceiling.

    Children’s room should be possible to absorb the natural light from the street.

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    The main characteristics of newborn baby girl clothes

    Today’s assortment of newborn baby girl clothes is broad. But you must approach the question of buying new things very seriously, as the low-quality goods can injure child’s health.

    How to choose properly?

    In the first year of life the child grows and gains in weight very fast. So, if you want to save money, it is not necessary to buy many clothes of one size, because they’ll just stay unclaimed.

    1. The newborn baby girl clothes must be comfortable and don’t hinder its movements. You should give preference to the qualitative natural fabrics. The skin of newborns is tender, so choose fine and soft fabric in order to avoid its irritation.
    2. The synthetic material and fabric dyes can cause serious pathologic reaction in the children, susceptible to allergic reactions. Buying winter clothes, pay attention to the yarn. The natural wool is not the best choice, as its fibers are mostly coarse and scratchy. The basic requirements to the winter romper suit are the ability to retain heat and not let water.
    3. It is important that the newborn baby girl clothes are loose-fitting, but at the same time not baggy. After all, the baby will feel comfortable neither in too wide nor in too tight clothes. Usually, the newborn clothes don’t have inseams. It is necessary not to irritate sensitive skin.
    4. Avoid the bright colors, as they can harm not yet strong child’s organs of sight. The clothes of pastel shades are more suitable. The elastics on the cuffs must not be tight and squeeze child’s legs and hands.
    5. Don’t waste your money on too expensive dresses and other clothes for the newborn baby girls. After all, the child spends most of the time sleeping. So, it doesn’t require this beauty. When it comes to the dresses, it is extremely uncomfortable article of clothing for the newborn, especially when the girl learns to crawl.
    6. Another important aspect is safety. Don’t choose the clothes with different ribbons, laces and other hanging accessories. If the clothes have buttons, see to it that they’re attached fast. The buttons on the back are also undesirable- they will squeeze in any case.

    The beautiful clothes for newborn baby girls must be not only comfortable, but also quickly dressed and easy to wash.