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    Android data recovery app

    DiskDigger is a free application that allows you to find and recover deleted photos on Android without root access (but it can make the result can be better). It is suitable in simple cases and in cases when you want to find exactly the photos (there is a paid version of the program that allows you to restore other types of files).

    GT Recovery for Android

    The next free program that can be effective free android data recovery for modern Android devices is GT Recovery application, which is installed on the phone itself and scans the internal memory of the phone or tablet.
    Android application for GT data recovery
    I have not tested the application (due to difficulties with obtaining root rights on the device), but reviews on the Play Market say that GT Recovery for Android quite successfully copes with android picture recovery, videos and other data, allowing you to return at least some of them.
    An important condition to use the application (so it can scan the internal memory for recovery) is the presence of root access, which you can get by finding the appropriate instructions for your model of Android device or with a simple free program.

    EASEUS Mobisaver for Android free.

    EASEUS Mobisaver for Android free is a program for free android photo recovery and data recovery on Android phones and tablets, very similar to the first of the utilities discussed, but allows you not only to look at what is available for recovery, but also to save these files.
    Android data recovery in Easeus Mobisaver free
    However, unlike Dr.Fone, Mobisaver for Android requires that you first get root access on your device yourself. And only then the program will be able to search for deleted files on your Android.
    Learn more about using the program and downloading free photo recovery software for android Easeus Mobisaver.

    What should you do if you are unable to recover deleted files on Android device with Disk Drill?
    As mentioned above, the probability of successful recovery of data and files on an Android device from internal memory is lower than the same procedure for memory cards, flash drives and other drives (which are defined as a drive in Windows and other OS).

    It is possible that none of the proposed methods will help you. In this case, I recommend you try the following:
    Go to photos.google.com using the login credentials of an account on your Android device. You may find that the photos you want to recover are synchronized with your account and you will find them intact.
    If you need to restore your contacts, go to contacts.google.com -there is a chance that there you will find all your contacts from your phone (however, mixed with those with whom you communicated by e-mail).
    I hope some of them will be useful to you. Well, in the future you should try to sync your important data with Google or other cloud android recovery software, like OneDrive.

    7-data Android Recovery

    When I wrote about another program from the 7-Data Disk Drill Android data recovery, which allows you to restore files from a flash drive or hard drive, I noticed that their site has a version of the program designed to restore data from the internal memory of Android or inserted into the phone (tablet) micro SD memory card. I considered it to be a good topic for one of the following articles.
    Download Android Recovery from the official site 7datarecovery.com/android-data…. Thus, at this point the program is completely free. Update: the comments reported that it is no longer free.
    The installation does not take much time — just click on the “Next” button and agree with everything, the program does not install anything extraneous, so you shouldn’t worry.

    Once connected, click on the “Next” button in the main window of the Android Recovery program, and you will see a list of drives in your Android device — it can only be internal memory or internal memory and memory card. Select the desired vault and click on the “Next” button.

    Files and folders available for recovery
    When the file search process is complete, the folder structure will be displayed so that it can be found. You can see its content and use the preview function if these are photos, music or documents.
    Once you have selected the files you want to recover, click on the “Save” button and save them to your computer. Important note: do not save the files to the same media from which you recovered the data.

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    Choose iPhone data recovery software and protect your data.

    Regular recover methods.

    Apple’s mobile devices, including iPhones, are very specific, so traditional methods of data recovery are not always effective. However, it is possible to restore information using iphone data recovery software recommended by the developer.
    First of all, we are talking about iTunes.
    It can be installed from the company’s website. The program is very easy to use. However, you can recover information from iPhone only in case if you have previously backed up in the same program. If you want to restore data, you have to select the “Synchronize” menu item for the marked group of files.

    The program supports manual iPhone data recovery using a backup image. It is important to note that files larger than 2 GB cannot be recovered through iTunes, so it is advisable to reserve them separately. Backup images are stored in the iTunes directory, the path to which is different in different operating systems. This software allows you to recover deleted photos on iPhone and store only one copy of the data, so its relevance must be approached very carefully.

    Iphone Spy Stick.

    If there is no backup copy of the data, and their value is undeniable the easiest way out of a difficult situation is to appeal to qualified professionals. However, you will have to spend a lot of money. An alternative method is to use free iphone recovery software iPhone Spy Stick. In fact, it is a flash drive with built-in software. This software allows you to use ios data recovery from the call log and contacts to videos and photos.
    The process of data recovery is as follows:
    You need to connect to the workstation iPhone and USB device iPhone Spy; run a specialized software with a USB device; note the necessary data for recovery. Photo: flash drive with software. A great disadvantage of this method of data recovery is the high cost of iPhone Spy Stick, which can reach several hundred dollars.

    Alternative way.

    Another way to restore iPhone without backup from the developer is as follows: connect your smartphone to your computer, press simultaneously on the “home” and “power” buttons, hold them for 10 seconds; then remove your finger from the “power” button, but press another 20 seconds on the “home” button; iTunes should have the inscription that it found device in recovery mode. You must press and hold the alt, shift, or CTRL buttons, and specify the path to the data; you must disconnect the iPhone from the computer after the system restore is complete.

    Third party software to recover the data on iPhone.
    Apple’s regular funds often help out, but sometimes they are powerless. In this situation, you can use one of the programs to restore information from your smartphone, which are mostly free. The most popular of them are Undelete Plus; Wondershare Dr.Fone; Disk Drill iPhone data recovery.

    Undelete Plus.

    The main purpose of the program is data recovery for iphone when there is no backup. It can help even in situations when the card is not read by either a smartphone or a computer. The sequence of actions to restore the information is as follows: you need to run a program pre-installed on the workstation; insert the memory card; run its scan. The scanning process is very long and can take up to several hours. You can make it easier to find the necessary information among the deleted files by applying all kinds of filters; all information found by the utility for recovery should be checked and click with the “Restore” button. After you select a data extraction location, the marked files are saved to the specified location. In general, we can say that data recovery from iPhone with the help of this software is a fairly easy process, which is not only effective, but also relatively fast

    Wondershare Dr.Fone

    Wondershare Dr.Fone is a professional free iphone data recovery application that helps in recovering files, photos, videos, contacts, and other data with devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The program is able to recover everything from contacts, SMS messages to photos and videos on your device. It is the first data recovery program for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch for personal users. The useful features of the program include the ability to preview deleted or lost data and the ability to view the deleted contacts.

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    The best best data recovery tools any customer can use

    The category of programs for recovering deleted files included earlier quite a few free products. Basically, this niche was occupied by commercial applications. However, today there are a number of best professional data recovery software. Each of the programs has passed the test procedure to identify the most appropriate ones.

    Description of the testing procedure:
    Various storage devices were used for testing, including usb flash drives, SD, MMC, SM, CF, MS, Micro SD, SSD, SATA hard drive, IDE, and SCSI. In the beginning, each device recorded the necessary files (office documents, photos, PST files, Outlook-and others). These files were then deleted and different files were written to the disk again. After that, these files were deleted. Then they made a quick format of the drives. After all this, every best data recovery software had to recover all the files without errors. All programs from the list, except PC Inspector, managed to show excellent results.

    The best data recovery software for pc Power data Recovery (free version) was far ahead of its competitors. The program was able to recover 1GB in 85 seconds and it also managed to recover all 106 files after the last formatting of the disk. In addition, the program has an intuitive interface, which will to suit to a user of any level of training.

    The application also includes the function of search and recovery of deleted partitions. Of course, this is more specific for disk partition managers, but it can also be useful for data recovery, for example, if a partition has been damaged on the recovered disk.

    Disk Drill is a simple and convenient best free data recovery software.
    The best free software to recover deleted files called Disk Drill is a very easy in use. The interface is well done, it takes only a few mouse clicks to restore the files. If we consider in terms of performance, the program recovered 1GB in 87 seconds. However, its speed did not affect the results of the deep scan. The program was able to recover only 19 out of 106 files.
    So, if we talk in general, Handy Recovery (Disk Drill for Windows) is more suitable for ordinary cases. However, if you want the program no to have limitations on recoverable volumes, you can use it first. MiniTool should be used in difficult situations.

    Test Disk is a fast and cross-platform remote data recovery program among the best data recovery tools.
    The best free program to recover deleted Disk files is an open source program. It was able to recover 1GB in 83 seconds; this is one of the fastest programs in the class. Test Disk is a cross-platform application which is pre-installed on some Linux distributions and a live CD.
    The program has many useful options, including support for different types of disk partitions. It does not require installation to run. Test Disk can be run even from under DOS. In addition to good file recovery capabilities, the utility can also fix and restore partitions and boot sectors. That will allow you to understand quickly even difficult situations.

    If we talk about the shortcomings, the Test Disk has no graphical interface and it can be used only by experienced users. Of course, there are fairly detailed instructions on how to use it on the Internet. But, still, they are more intended for technically savvy users.

    PC Inspector file Recovery is a very simple data recovery program.
    The best free program to recover deleted files from called Inspector file Recovery is another free utility to recover deleted files. The program has quite a nice graphical interface, but it is still worse than of its analogues. The program also has some bugs. For example, the program does not always show the letters of the sections correctly. So, from time to time you have to rely on best free data recovery tools.

  • Data recovery

    The best data recovery tools availiable for the users

    7 Data Recovery Software now Disk Drill.

    Rating: 9.5/10
    Unlike most tools that provide access only to FAT and NTFS file systems, this utility will allow you to work with other popular users: Apple Mac OS, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux. Only the best professional data recovery software are capable of this. The tool for file recovery has a very powerful functionality, so, of course, it is worth the money. In the demo version you can try to bring back to life files up to 64 KB (small text documents).
    Program features:
    Recovery of files from their service information;
    Work with datasets;
    The ability to work on the search for remote computer information on the network;
    An additional option is to create a startup disk;
    Creating a virtual image of a physical disk or a specific part of it;
    Highly customizable search options ( it is desirable to have special knowledge to use it);
    It is a complex of restoring and supporting utilities.

    Wondershare Data Recovery.

    Rating: 9.3/10
    Let Wondershare Data Recovery is slightly inferior in terms of capabilities to the nearest competitors, but the utility wins in terms of usability and performance quality parameters. It is cheaper than the famous German R-Studio. It scans faster and finds even more than lost files. The program has English interface. The path from the application start to the output of the results takes 5 clicks. It will all be made by a step by step wizard. We also want to note the non-standard sorting of found objects. They are grouped by format and folder tree.
    Key features of the best data recovery software Wondershare Data Recovery:
    Easy and fast scanning speed;
    Search for files, folders, partitions while preserving structure;
    Supports all possible media right up to the camera’s memory;
    Two algorithms to choose from;
    The ability to preview;
    Unusual but comfortable grouping of objects;
    Low cost, licensed copy.


    Rating: 9/10
    Recuva is the most popular and best data recovery software for pc at the moment and for the last decade. Even a novice user will understand its interface.
    Its features:
    It will enable you to recover files from hard drives, various memory cards, USB sticks;
    It is suitable for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10, still popular XP, as well as the operating system of an earlier version;
    It was designed to recover information lost as a result of manual accidental deletion of the file in the Recycled bin, system failure or unexpected error;
    It works within the framework of the FAT, NTFS file systems;
    There is a search function by name;
    The easy-to-use recovery utility is available for download in the usual way and in the portable version. That is, it can be brought with you on a flash drive, run and perform data recovery on any computer without clogging its registry;
    It allows you to customize the functionality. This will make it easier for users who have at least minimal skills in using such programs and who want to reduce the search time.

    Pandora Recovery.

    Rating: 8.5/10
    Pandora Recovery allows you to recover files deleted from NTFS and FAT file systems. It is free as well as Recuva. There is one of the best free data recovery software with a feature of preview of text files and images before you run them with CPR. This is important if the information is written to the same media.
    Key utility benefits:
    The program provides advanced remote data recovery capabilities. It allows you to access information from disks after re-formatting, deleting from hard drive with damaged file system. It is likely to allow you to reopen recently deleted files, the MFT record which was used by the system again;
    The app allows you to search for information using filters (by name, date of creation or last access, file size) or select a file from the table;
    It restores archived and compressed files;
    The program allows you to analyze the possibility of restoring accidentally sent to delete information, taking into account the clusters in which it was written, used or not used by the system again.

    PC Inspector file Recovery.

    Rating: 8.5/10
    If the best 5 data recovery software for Windows listed above are intended for different storage media, then PC INSPECTOR will recover files exclusively from the hard disk, including after formatting it. It repairs damaged boot sectors or file table corruption (relevant for FAT).
    Main features of one of the best data recovery tools:
    It is good to use for different types of drives (SATA-HDD, IDE);
    It works equally well in NTFS file systems, FAT 12/16/32;
    It allows you to exchange data with network disks (to make restoration from their clusters and to write there the reanimated information);
    It is unique for programs of this type. There is Special Recovery function to recover deleted data from files that are not referenced from the directory;
    Wide range of file and document types that can be brought back to life (AVI, BMP, CDR, DOC, XLS, EXE, HTML, JPG, MID, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, RTF, TIF, WAV, ZIP, other common and specialized).

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    Rating: 8.5/10
    The utility is paid, but sometimes it is given for free. Free – version is limited to 1 GB – that’s how much information it will restore at a time. If you haven’t accidentally deleted the video archive, that will be enough.
    The program is equally good for obtaining information from hard disk partitions or from portable SD memory cards, as well as flash drives.
    MiniTool Power Data Recovery has the following characteristics:
    It allows you to recover manually deleted data as well as lost data after formatting. The app will find information with the disks attacked by viruses, hard drives with the broken boot-sector, after application of the FDISK program (breakdown of the disk), other actions and the arisen problems;
    It helps with physical damage to the device;
    It is suitable not only for hard drives, but also for other media, memory cards, USB drives, compressed discs, CD and DVD. This will help to restore the data in the form of photos and videos from the camera cards;
    Relevant for file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTS;
    It allows not only to restore data, but also to put in order the broken partitions of hard disks.

    Recover My Files.

    Rating: 8.3/10
    Let’s consider paid or shareware utilities. Recover My files has more powerful functionality than previously listed. It is available in a demo version that will show a list of found files and will make it clear whether it is worth hoping for a successful resuscitation of data damaged for various reasons. If the free version shows your lost files, it will make sense to try to get them. The paid option is available in three varieties and allows you to save previously deleted or lost information from any media.
    Recover My Files Features:
    It will help to recover deleted files, as well as lost under the influence of almost any reason (formatting hard drive and re-installation of the operating system, the destructive action of the virus, the sudden shutdown of the PC or hanging ON);
    It conducts a search taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of damaged files;
    The program is relevant for search and retrieval of text documents, images, multimedia, archives, e-mail files;
    Suitable for FAT, NTFS file systems.

  • Data recovery

    Disk partition recovery software brief review


    This is a data recovery utility from Runtime software developers.
    To date, this program is one of the most powerful and effective in its field and provides an opportunity to restore information in any situations that provide the ability to return data programmatically. It should be said that this developer has divided its program into two separate types – the first one is for NTFS file systems, and the second one is for FAT. This article will focus on the utility for FAT file systems.

    Before download partition recovery software for Windows, you should immediately be warned that its installation should not be carried out on the hard drive from which you will need to restore the data, because otherwise the information you need can be re-recorded. The installation of the utility should be carried out only on some third-party drive.

    GetDataBack NTFS

    It is one of the most widespread software for partition recovery and disks among all existing programs today. Unlike the second type of this utility, designed for resuscitation of files from FAT systems, this type of program is intended mainly only for hard drives that store files on the NTFS system.

    Before restoring the data, you should be sure to remember the main rule: never install a data recovery program to the hard drive from which this data were lost, because you may lose the files you need during the installation process. This windows recovery partition also should not be held to the hard drive, from which these data are returned.

    Important rule: in any case, the information should not be restored to the drive from which it disappeared. In this case, the first files will hardly be restored, when the remaining ones can be completely deleted, after which they will not be returned even by professionals working with such situations with the help of specialized complexes.

    Easy Recovery

    This is a high-quality program for remote free partition recovery, which is now used not only by specialists in the field of file recovery, but also by ordinary users.
    Such versatility of this utility is provided by the fact that it is extremely easy to use, as well as its effectiveness in front of many other similar programs.

    Independently restore data from HDD Scan.

    The HDD Scan program is a fairly common best partition recovery software, and in particular, it is widespread due to the fact that it has an extremely simple interface, and at the same time allows you to achieve high performance of data and disk recovery.

    Also, an additional advantage of 7 Data Recovery Tool (Disk Drill) is that there is no need to install it, that is, if you are just going to return your information once, then the utility can simply be run from the original archive you downloaded, but if you are going to continue to use the program for our own purposes, it will be enough for you just to move all the contents of the archive to any convenient folder, and then run the program from it.

    Description of Victoria program

    Victoria program today is used by quite a number of different computer users, and is intended primarily for diagnostics, maintenance, as well as assistance in the process of disk partition recovery, of deleted data from any hard drives and recovery of disks using the interface Serial ATA and IDE.
    In particular, the universality of this program is ensured by the fact that it simultaneously combines household and professional functions, whereby the testing of the drive can be carried out even by those people who do not have any specialized knowledge in this field.

    Recovery of files and disks in R-Studio

    R-Studio is an extremely simple, convenient and at the same time multi-functional program for recovering deleted data and restore deleted partition from a variety of storage devices, which are quite popular today. In particular, the usability of this program is achieved by the fact that it has a pretty nice interface.
    R-Studio scans different drives, restores information not only from hard disks but also from many other drives, including USB sticks, CDs and DVDs.

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    Mac photo recovery software- best tools and software

    Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery program

    One of the best photo recovery program is Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery, which works with OS X 10.5 and above and allows you to recover deleted photos on mac and videos in particular. First of all, attach the memory card to the card reader so that the program starts reading the deleted data from the disk.
    There is also an assembly of Photo Recovery program for Windows.

    Photo Recovery has a corresponding photo recovery option of how to recover deleted pictures on mac – “Recover Photo, Audio & Video”. It is available on the left panel, where the contents of the disk are displayed: photos, documents, and other files. After outputting of the contents of the disk, you can run a scan or a thorough scan. There is also a preview to recover deleted photos.
    The restoration of photos from a flash drive should be a separate item. Stellar Phoenix picks up a usb drive without problems and reads data from it, scanning the device as well as the usual disk.

    Use picture recovery on Mac with Disk Drill.

    Disk Drill – another good free photo recovery software for mac, its functionality is somewhat similar to Recuva. It is noteworthy that the DiskDigger program has several versions including the Pro and the mobile version for the Android OS.
    Among the key features of the program inherent to any program for recovery, Disk Drill can highlight the excellent support for standard file systems (NTFS, exFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), all known file types, deleted photos, flexible filtering and convenient sorting of data, including photos.

    Disk Drill scanning feature allows you to ”dig” deeper than in similar resuscitation tools (comparing to the same Pandora Recovery software). Documents, archives, music and videos are among the most frequently recovered formats.
    The advanced features Disc Drill include scanning of virtual disks in VHD format and VDI. This feature is useful if you have made an image of the device’s file system and want to scan it on your computer.

    Free and the best program for recovering of photos is Photorec. It works with all OS. It comes bundled with the functional command utility TestDisk needed to recover deleted partitions. There is a very basic interface and also more advanced, graphic one. In both versions, users can select the drive, press the scan button, and select deleted or corrupted photos, graphic images. You also need to choose the required location for the recovered files (you should better have another drive, not SD-card!).

    PhotoRec recovers photos and videos best of all.

    Hopefully this free software guide has helped you to answer the question of how to recover deleted photos on mac. If not, then check out the other topics on this site: I have collected many different articles that relate to the recovery of multimedia information for Android, MAC and Windows.
    PhotoRec is a powerful image recovery software for mac, but it may not be quite convenient for novice users, due to the fact that all work with the program is carried out without the usual graphical interface. Update 2016: a graphical user interface (GUI) version of Photorec has been introduced, making it easier for the novice users.
    The program xd card recovery software for Mac allows you to recover more than 200 types of photos (image files), works with almost any file systems and devices. It is available in versions for Windows, DOS, Linux and Mac OS X, and included TestDisk utility can help to recover lost partition on disk.

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    Photo recovery software to save your data

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    A complete solution for deleted photo recovery from hard drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB), memory cards, flash drives, CD/DVD and Blue – Ray discs, iPod and other media. This tool can be successfully applied to recover files deleted from Windows Recycled bin, search and recover lost data (due to virus attack, power failure, accidental formatting, partition deletion, etc.), as well as lost data from damaged hard drives and damaged, scratched or defective CD/DVD discs.

    The program includes five built-in data recently deleted photo recovery modules-Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery and CD & DVD Recovery. Each module focuses on different data loss scenarios. The Undelete Recovery module is designed to recover files and folders deleted from the Recycled bin or by using the Shift+Del buttons. It works with hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. The Damaged Partition Recovery tool allows you to recover lost data from existing but damaged or formatted partitions. MBR partitions and dynamic disks are supported: Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Stripped Volume, and RAID-5 Volume. The Lost Partition Recovery photo recovery software for Windows PC is used to recover data from a deleted or lost partition (for example, as a result of disk partitioning). As for the CD & DVD Recovery module, it is designed to recover lost and deleted files from damaged CD/DVD discs and can also recover data from RW discs formatted by fast formatting.

    We are interested in Media Recovery module. Picture recovery software restores data from digital media devices (flash drives, flash cards, memory cards, iPod, etc.), as well as other media, including hard drives, and focuses on the recovery of deleted or lost photos (including RAW), music (MP3, MP4) and video files. The main image formats are supported (JPG, TIFF, DWG, PSD, CDR, PSP, PCX and PNG), as well as RAW formats of the most popular cameras: Canon, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, etc. The module is suitable for recovering deleted multimedia files as well as those lost as a result of formatting.

    It is easy to understand the nuances of image recovery software for deleted and lost images in the MiniTool Power data Recovery program, because all operations are performed under the control of a step-by-step wizard. If you want to save photos, you should just start the Digital Media Recovery module, specify the scanned device and press the Full Scan button. After the completion of the process, all found files will be conveniently grouped according to their format. Folders and files found in the analysis are marked with a cross, a question mark, or an exclamation point. The cross is used to indicate accidentally deleted files, and other icons indicate the lost data. Photos can be viewed directly from the utility before recovery — JPEG images are displayed as thumbnails; preview of RAW photos is possible with a double-click. After that, you will only have to select the images of interest and save them to your hard drive or removable drive (“Save files” button).


    It is a comprehensive tool to retrieve deleted photos accidentally from hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and other media. There is even a chance to recover not only deleted files, but also information from formatted disks, NTFS volumes with damaged partition table (MFT); it is possible to restore hardware arrays RAID0 and RAID5. The program also restores photos from digital cameras (Compact Flash memory, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, etc.). Three built-in modules are responsible for performing these tasks, but we are only interested in the module called “Photo Recovery”, which allows you to restore pictures that had been accidentally deleted before they were transferred to the computer or became inaccessible due to some malfunction in the camera or due to the formatting of the memory card.

    ZAR is clearly not for novice users, and the speed of scanning media in this program leaves much to be desired. However, unlike other competitors, the restoration of images from cameras does not involve payment, so this solution may be of interest for home users. If you want to restore photos, you need to activate the photo Recovery mode, select the desired device from the list and start scanning it. After that, the process of analyzing the data will be visually displayed on the device map. This process will take a long time and may even fail — if the memory card reads the camera itself and all the points on the “card” are red or the scanning is unacceptably slow (minutes pass without any change in the indication of the state), then you should stop the analysis, and then repeat it, but with the connection of the card reader. If the scan is successful, the program will display a list of found photos. You can preview images using the mouse (only for JPEG and TIFF). By default, this list of photo recovery tools will be not only deleted and lost images, but also “live” photos, which significantly complicates the choice of interesting pictures, so it is wiser to restore all found images, and only then understand which of them you really need. The recovered images are saved to the folder specified on the disk.

    Disk Drill photo recovery software.

    It is a simple program to recover deleted and lost photos. The utility is able to recover photos accidentally deleted from the memory card of the camera or mobile phone (Flash Card, MMC Card, Picture Card, Secure Digital Card, etc.), from USB and HDD disks and flash drives. It also allows you to recover photos lost after formatting, deleting logical partitions of hard drives, removable drives, USB flash drives or cleaning memory cards of cameras and mobile phones. All popular image formats and RAW formats of all popular cameras are supported. There are two modes of scanning: normal scanning (search for deleted files only) and deep analysis with slower sector-by-sector scanning (recover files from formatted disks).

    Photo recovery Disk Drill is carried out under the guidance of a step-by-step wizard, and no special knowledge or skills are required for successful image recovery. If you want to start the process, you need to select the device to scan, specify the type of data analysis and, if necessary, adjust the file search criteria. All found and recoverable images are displayed in thumbnails; any of the images can be viewed at full size. The selected images are saved to your hard drive, recorded to a CD / DVD, or uploaded to an FTP server; you can create a virtual ISO image.

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    Android data recovery software

    Data loss on Android can happen either in a good or a bad scenario. A good scenario is when the files were stored on the memory card of the mobile device. In this case, you can return them easily and even for free. Unfortunately, memory cards are more and more rare in smartphones, and data recovery from internal memory is a completely different story. We will consider both situations.

    How can you recover data on SD card?

    It’s simple. First of all, download and install on your computer a normal free utility for data recovery. It can be mega popular Disk Drill android data recovery tool, tensor TestDisk or PhotoRec, as well as any other similar program.
    Then connect the SD card to your computer as a regular USB flash drive and start scanning it with the installed utility. Save the data and finally use free android photo recovery to backup them and other valuable files to the cloud.

    How can you recover data from internal memory of mobile device?

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern smartphones are connected to the computer via a special protocol, that is, not like a normal USB flash drive. Accordingly, all the above utilities are useless.
    There are special android recovery software for data recovery, and they are mostly shareware. This means that you can, install the utility, scan your mobile device and see what happened to the lost restore just for free. However, if you want to pull out and keep the restored, it is necessary to buy a license.

    On the one hand, this approach can be called honest. The user does not buy a pig in a poke, but gives money only after making sure that the utility is working. On the other hand, it is still difficult to part with a few dollars. In any case, the loss of information is usually the user’s fault, and a powerful blow to the wallet is a great motivator to start backing up important data.

    Utilities for free android data recovery:

    EaseUS MobiSaver.
    FonePaw Android Data Recovery.
    Disk Drill.
    iCare Recovery (free!!!).
    iMobie PhoneRescue.
    Android iSkySoft Data Recovery.
    Jihosoft free photo recovery software for android.
    Tenorshare Android Data Recovery.
    Undeleter (if you have root access).
    Wondershare Dr.Fone.

    These programs of android picture recovery work roughly the same. First of all, the client is installed on the computer, then the smartphone or tablet is connected to the computer via USB. It is enough to follow the instructions exactly, and you will surely succeed. You can easily recover deleted text messages on Android with Disk Drill.

    The only difficulty may be that the utility does not support a particular model of mobile devices. That is why you first need to test the program in free mode, and then buy a license.

    What should you do to avoid data loss?

    Back up, back up and back up again. Almost all the data on your mobile device can and should be copied to cloud storage. It is almost always free, secure and happens automatically.
    For example:

    “Google Mail” backup your emails.
    “Google Contacts” backup contacts.
    “Google Photos” backup photos, videos and screenshots.
    “Google Music” backup music.

    Office Suite Google backup documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
    Universal storage like “Google Drive”, Dropbox and other backup everything.
    You may take any type of data — for sure, there is an easy and convenient way to store it safely. Take advantage of this and take care of valuable information.

  • Data recovery

    Free SD card recovery options and tools

    7 – Data Card Recovery – a program to recover information on SD and microSD.

    Program 7-Data Card Recovery is a part of package 7-Data Recovery Suite. It will help those users who have lost files on their SD cards as a result of formatting or unintentional deletion. All standard Android file formats for audio, video, and images are supported. Given the features of Android, the list is not so wide, but it is more than enough for the program to recover deleted files from sd card.

    7 Data Recovery (Disk Drill) recovers data only from the external memory of the mobile device.

    The most popular card types are SD Card, SDHC, Compact Flash, xD Picture Card, MicroSD, Memory Stick.

    Appendix 7-Data Card Recovery is installed on your computer. If you want to find sd card recovery, you need to connect it to your computer via the card reader. Once connected, a list of removable storage devices will be displayed and you need to select the SD-card By the way, the program works with local disks, so the scope of this tool is much wider than it seems at first glance.

    Note. In addition to Card Recovery, Android Data Recovery edition is available. It works with internal memory of tablets and smartphones. The program is compatible with popular mobile brands like Google, Samsung, Lenovo, Fly and others.
    Card Recovery is a highly specialized software for recover photos from sd card and video recovery on SD memory card.

    Although there are dozens of programs to recover from memory cards and flash drives, not many of them can boast of a good track record and real, not marketing functions of recovery. The CardRecovery program is considered to be a“veteran” on the recovery applications market. If you examine the list of removed scenarios, case studies of users of supported cards, manufacturers of digital cameras and file types – in general, it becomes clear that we deal with a professional tool for intensive care unit SD
    Key feature of CardRecovery – is SmartScan, which allows you to find  recover deleted pictures from sd card and video recovery. This can be especially useful if the SD card’s file table has been destroyed after formatting or corruption. Deep search function is available in the Recuva program, but CardRecovery performs a quick analysis of multimedia formats.
    Disk Drill is a recovery program with a simple interface and extensive support for storage devices.

    Disk Drill is a relatively new application in the data and sd card photo recovery. A small program has collected a full complement to work with removable media. There are editions for both Windows and Mac OS. Accordingly, the list of file systems includes NTFS, EXT, ExFAT, and HFS+. It doesn’t matter for the program what you connect to the computer – USB flash drive, SD card, camera, etc.

    A nice bonus is that Disk Drill allows you to recover up to 100 MB of files. Therefore, if you need to restore just 5-10 files on your SD-card, download SD card recovery software and it will not be interchangeable.
    DiskDigger is a professional memory card recovery software for Windows and Mac OS.

    The desktop version of the DiskDigger program supports most external storage devices, including USB flash drives and memory cards. A characteristic feature of the program – the presence of two file recovery modes: Dig Deep and Dig Deeper. The mode of Dig Deep scanning will be suitable for most scenarios of file deletion: formatting, corruption, deletion. DiskDigger recognizes (ex)FAT and NTFS file systems of SD cards without any problems.
    Dig Deeper scan mode is designed to recover specific file types. For example, you can limit searches to jpg format photos or doc format documents. A complete list of deleted file formats is available on the official website.
    Previews are available for all media file types. Another useful feature is that you can create a virtual image of a SD card in VDI format and then safely recover the SD card without the risk of overwriting its contents.