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    Modern and multifunctional Weber Mountain Smoker

    One of the crowning achievements of Weber Company is a compact and multifunctional smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker. It is very easy to transport. Due to its small size, you can take it with you for fishing or country picnic. The smoker consists of two levels, which gives you a possibility to cook two dishes simultaneously. Thanks to its special form and lid the taste of cooked dishes proves to be wonderful. The dish is made without excess fat, burnings. It is smoked uniformly from all directions. The thermometer, built into the lid, allows watching the temperature at the time of cooking.

    The smoker is equipped with a special tray for adding water, so grilled meat or chicken will prove to be juicy and soft. The use of smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker is easy and safe. The door is made of fireproof material, and the legs of smoker don’t warm up at the time of cooking. At the time of smoking, you can add the coal through the special door and control the temperature with the help of three air holes. The models are represented in different variants with the copper diameter of 47 and 57 cm.

    Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker is a unique smoker from Weber. Try to cook your favorite dishes with the help of this grill. The result will be excellent. You can use this device as a barbecue, grill or smoker.

    Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker performs the function of American barbecue perfectly (it’s a low-temperature grill with an opportunity of simultaneous smoking). The closed system of cooking enables the cooking of two big steaks at the same time (such as a roast or a bird’s carcass).

    The characteristics:

    • A lid and a copper, covered with porcelain enamel;
    • A smoker grill of large size;
    • A thermometer in the lid;
    • A big hole for putting briquettes and sawdust for smoking;
    • 3 separated and adjustable intake holes;
    • The duroplastic handle out of nylon, reinforced with glass fiber;
    • It is completed with high-quality jacket;
    • The chrome-plated grills 2х47 cm;
    • Stable legs;
    • Case for smoking shed;
    • The operation manual Weber with recipes;
    • The depth: 47 cm;
    • The width: 47 cm
    • The height: 102 cm;
    • The diameter of frying surface: 2 х47 cm;
    • The weight: 20 kg;
    • The color: black.
    • The flexible conditions;
    • The brazier Trade-in.

    Weber Mountain Smoker allows you to cook the most delicious and healthy dishes. The great possibilities of this smoker won’t disappoint you!

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    Build a smoker with your own hands

    If you have a private plot, it gives you a unique opportunity to cook home-made smoke products. Of course, for this purpose you need to build a smoker.
    First of all, you need to choose the suitable place for building. It must be a land lot, distant from the other buildings in this area, as the smoking is accompanied with fire, so you should exclude and the smoker poses a threat to fire-safety. To build a smoker, you should assign the area of approximately 4 square meters. At that, it is better to make it rectangular. You must lay the canal of chimney in the ground. The place of its laying must be marked beforehand. The smoker is made out of brick. However, not any kind of brick will fit for this purpose. For example, lime sand brick isn’t used for building such constructions, as it can be destroyed by the strong heating.

    The smoking chamber will be located on the end of the canal. The sufficient size of it is 1 square meter. The fire-chamber must be about one and a half meter in height (or a little smaller). You can make the smoking chamber out of brick with your own hands.

    The furnace will be situated on the other end of the canal. The chamber must be located over the furnace, so you should either locate the chamber aslope or deepen a special canal in the direction of furnace. After digging a chimney canal, brick its bottom. It is undesirable to use cement laying, better choose the loam. After that, brick the walls of the canal: they must consist of two courses of brickwork. The bricks are laid on edge, on each side of laid canal base. Then cover the top of the canal. You can make it with metal sheet or brick. If you choose metal sheet, make sure that its width is not less than 4 mm.

    The canal of chimney must get into the smoke house to a depth of 20 cm. The perimeter of connecting the channel and the chamber must be powdered with the ground layer no less than 15 cm. In the upper part of the smoke house you should place the rods for hanging products which you will smoke. The lid of smoke house can be made either of metal or out of wood, while the furnace screen must be made of steel. Its width must be no less than 3-4 mm. The lid of smoke house must fit closely, but have a small hole or crack for the weak air outflow.

    It is well to use alder or birch for smoking. You can also add a branch of juniper to add the pungent flavor.

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    From the history of Bradley smokers

    The history of manufacture of the first Bradley smokers starts in Canada, recognized by the world community as the most environmentally friendly country of agricultural products. The first model of Bradley Smoker appeared in Canada in the 1970s.

    The Bradley Smoker is intended for the long-term cooking of excellent food for you, your family and friends. Today’s cooking food at home implies healthy qualitative food, pleasure from the process of cooking and the convenience of equipment- you’ll be able to realize it all with the help of Bradley Smoker. Bradley Smoker allows you to make cold, hot, uniform and plain smoking, using one device!

    The company Bradley Smoker makes everything so that you’re satisfied with the qualitative result and the process of smoking. The smoke, produced from the molded coal Bradley, is four times as pure as the one derivable from the use of sawdust. The automatically removable molded coal Bradley will prevent the formation of high gas temperature and acids, worsening the taste of your smoked products.

    The electric digital Bradley Smoker is compact and easy to use. It’ll help you to cook the dainty dishes by means of cold and hot smoking. The variety of molded coal Bradley will help you to cook different kinds of dishes. The smoking recipes, developed by the chefs of Bradley, will make your menu of smoking even more various.

    Nowadays, the process of smoking by means of electric digital Bradley Smoker is completely automatized. The smoker controls the temperature range on its own. It means that the temperature will never exceed the critical mark. The use of electric smoke generator makes it possible to control the smoldering of sawdust, pressed into the briquettes for the ease of use and possibility of timely replacement.

    The electric digital smoker can produce smoke automatically up to 9 hours! So, every briquette of pressed fuel smolders 20 minutes, preventing the formation of white ashes. Then it is replaced with the new one. The briquettes Bradley are made of natural wood species without any additions. The manufacturers of Bradley Smoker are still learning the taste qualities of food, cooked by means of smoker. In this way, they improve both the smoker and the recipes.
    We wish you an excellent cooking and pleasure from the use of Bradley Smoker for many years.

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    How to choose the best grill smoker

    Grill smoker is a universal smoking shed, grill, brazier and barbeque at the same time.

    How does the universal smoking shed work?

    The wood charcoal is put into a small compartment. The food (meat, fish, and vegetables) is cooked in the larger compartment. It depends on the operating mode of smoking shed (grill, barbeque or hot smoking). The smoke comes through the small compartment to the large one. Then it is taken out through the pipe. The temperature sensor will help you with the adjustment of modes.

    The first cooking mode: grill-smoking shed

    Grill is a device for cooking dishes on coal. It works on the direct heat, coming from the coals (not to be confused with the barbeque, where the heat treatment comes back from the coals). At that, the heat treatment comes from all directions at the temperature of 160 °С and more.
    If you want to cook grilled chicken or something of the kind, you must put the wood charcoal to a small compartment, under the grill, and put chicken on the top. If you’re interested in the manufacture of smoking sheds, consult us. You should take into account that by this way of cooking food, you must always be present.

    The second cooking mode: smoking

    What is a smoking? It is a cooking with a long smoke treatment. Put the food to the large compartment. Then kindle coal in the small compartment and add the moistened sawdust of fruit trees. Mostly, the industrial smoking sheds work in this mode.

    ProQ Eco Smoker for cold smoking

    If you like such food as smoked cheese, bacon, salmon and fish dishes, you’ll definitely like the smoking shed ProQ Eco Smoker!
    The smoking shed ProQ Eco Smoker allows cooking different products by means of cold smoking very easy and cheap.
    Although ProQ Eco Smoker is made of cardboard, it is used for a long time. It allows smoking not only cheese, but also fish, meat and many other products, including pepper, salt and garlic.
    Besides, ProQ Eco Smoker is very economic, as it can work up to 10 hours, using only 100 g of wooden shavings!

    Complete equipment:

    • 2 chromium-plated posts;
    • 2 tiny trays;
    • 1 cold smoking generator ProQ;
    • The outer cardboard box;
    • The inner cardboard box;
    • The package of wooden shavings

    The complete set of ProQ Eco Smoker will be a perfect present for any celebration and allow enjoying excellent smoked food, made on your own in the open air or at the house.

    Take into account that you can’t use ProQ Eco Smoker in the rain or in the humid apartments, as it has an adverse effect on the quality of smoking and the smoker itself.

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    The main characteristics of grill smokers

    The culinary device “grill smoker” is a “tasty rest” after a hard work in the summer cottage. It will make you look differently at the pleasant tradition “to gather for cooking kebabs”.

    Grill smoker is a universal device for meat and fish products and vegetables. In its construction, the grill smoker combines barbeque, grill and a smoking shed for cold and hot smoking- practically 4 in 1. It looks like a modernized classic barbeque.

    How is the grill smoker made up?

    The grill smoker consists of the following components:

    1. Plate- it’s a metal frame, to which all the components (chambers) are fastened. Depending on the variant of assemblage, it can be equipped with the running gear for comfortable moving (it includes the roller posts or 2 posts and 2 metal or air-operated wheels).
    2. Furnace (the chamber for coal, fire-wood and sawdust) is a bottom chamber. It is equipped with the removable fire-bars, the lid with heat-insulated handle and air damper, adjusting the rate of fuel combustion.
    3. Horizontal chamber in the form of barrel is a working area of barbeque, grill and hot smoking. It is equipped with the lid, opening the crank chamber along the full length. It also has the grills: inner and outer (attached to the side of body).
    4. Vertical chamber is a rectangular case, intended for the cold smoking. It is completed with the latticed shelves, meant for the placement/hanging of fish trunk and bird’s carcass.
    5. Smoke flue is a pipe 40 cm in diameter, attached to the vertical chamber.
    6. Temperature sensors. They are located in the cooking chambers (horizontal and vertical).

    All the components of smoker are made of 3 mm high-quality thermostable steel (the burning-out protection lasts 8-10 years). The total weight of unit is 80-140 kg.

    The mode of functioning

    The chambers are connected like in the stove: the flows of hot air and smoke go through all the components and then arrive to the smoke flue. You must put coal or fire-wood to the furnace. On average, one laying of fuel is sufficient for 2-3 hours of food heat treatment. Then you should adjust the temperature according to the chosen cooking mode (smoking, backing or frying).

    The kinds of models

    1. King (“Profi”, “Maxi”) – complete equipment: 2 cooking chambers with lids, mini-tables, attached to the compartments, the shelf for fire-wood at the bottom of the frame and the rack-mounted wheels.
    2. Queen (“Standard”) – the “reduced” complete equipment: 2 cooking chambers of smaller size, and the lid (only in the horizontal compartment).
    3. Prince (“Mini”) – a simplified model of smoker. It has no vertical compartment for cold smoking.

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    Different kinds of barbecue smokers

    Cooking kebabs in the open air is still very actual in our time. However, barbeque also gains popularity. The term “barbeque” itself has several meanings.

    First of all, barbeque represents picnic. The second meaning of barbeque is that it’s a special device for frying. And the third meaning implies the dish itself, cooked with the help of such equipment.

    In the twentieth century new advanced models of barbeque appeared on sale. They were equipped with grills and lids. These models have already gained popularity in the European countries. Such devices are called “smokers”.

    The main meaning of smokers is the “smoke”. The use of barbeque-coppers implies cooking by way of roasting food in open or reflected heat. You can cook either under the lid or without it. Smoker also acts as smoking shed and stove.

    If you complete such device with a great volume, a possibility to control the temperature range, a wide range of time for cooking food, you’ll get quite new equipment with a lot of functions, called smoker grill. The main sizes of smokers are marked as King, Queen and Prince. What’s the difference between these markings? So, King represents the biggest smoker grill. Such grill has a vertical frying compartment and a large horizontal compartment with two lids. Queen has smaller size and one lid, situated in a horizontal compartment. The models of the type “Prince” don’t have the vertical compartment at all.

    Mostly, the smokers are manufactured in Switzerland, America, Germany, Belgium, Poland and South Africa. Such equipment can be used both in private houses and in public catering establishments (it is most often used in the restaurants of catering service).

    The smoker has thermometer, located in the vertical and horizontal compartments. The smoker is also equipped with the ventilation dampers and exhaust pipe. On the outside, this device has the shelves for improvised material, hooks for hanging instruments, and the bucket for the storage of condensate and fat. The smoker also has seven removable frying grills for food. Except for these devices, the smokers are provided with the shelves for skewers, situated in the furnace and the horizontal compartment, the telescopic rod over the furnace, the removable volume splitter and the diffuser damper in the horizontal compartment.

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    Wide choice of electric smokers

    In our time there are many kinds of engineering devices, helping both professionals and ordinary people to prepare tasty dishes. Nevertheless, the good old smokers don’t lose their popularity, because of the marvelous taste of smoked food.

    First of all, the smokers differ in the kind of used fuel. So, there are wood, gas and electric smokers.

    You can make the right choice of electric smoker only if you have a complete idea of their peculiarities, complete equipment, advantages and disadvantages. The correctness of choice depends on how well you understand you own desires.

    How much food are you going to smoke? It’s not an idle question, as the modern market is full of different kinds of electric smokers. For example, there are ones intended for the conditions of restaurants and cafes; there also household options of stationary smokers, whose size equals the size of washing machine; and, finally, there are small-sized table smokers, which size almost equals the box of chocolates. They can hold a small slice of meat or a little fish.

    Are you planning to make cold or hot smoking? If you’re going to treat fatty meat or fish, use the cold smoking. And if you prepare dry sorts of meat or fish, apply the hot one. The most of electric smokers are meant for hot smoking, but there are also modern models, keeping both cold and hot mode of operation.

    Where are you planning to make smoking- at home or in the country? It is advisable to predetermine it, as the main nuance in the work of electric smokers is that it operates on electricity, so it is dependent on home electrical network. However, there are also models operated on car battery.

    One of the main advantages of electric smokers is that you don’t need to control the process of smoking, as the control mechanisms do it themselves. The plainer models just maintain necessary temperature, while the more complicated ones provide different ways of smoking, giving a wide field for experiments with different products.