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    The main features of Thailand climate

    The climate of Thailand is characterized by a variety of weather conditions in different parts of the country in the same season.
    There are two climatic types in Thailand: tropical monsoon climate in the south and south-east, and subtropical climate in the north. Such weather is noted for a seasonal change of tropical winds and relatively high air temperature all the year. On average, from May to the middle of November, the territory of Thailand is influenced by the summer monsoon and from November to February- by the winter one. Generally speaking, the climate of Thailand remains hot throughout the year.

    The climate of the continental part of the country can be divided into 3 groups: the hot wet weather in summer, the hot, dry weather in autumn, and the warm, dry season in winter.

    The flush period

    It’s rather difficult to separate the only flush period for the whole Thailand. In total, the wet period lasts 6-8 months. The period of the most often showers falls at the end of August and ends in October.

    The island Samui is the exception to the basic rules, as the season of the strongest tropical showers starts in December and lasts 2 months, while the burst of tourist season falls at August. Such “nature surprise” is caused by the fact that this picturesque island is situated in the special climatic zone. On Samui Island, the hot wet season lasts from May to December, while the driest period falls at the time from February to April.

    As for Phuket, here the rain season starts in April and ends (as a rule) in November. The maximum precipitations fall in September. The “dry season” on the island last from December to March and most tourists prefer to visit the island in this season.

    The island of Chang is characterized by much more significant precipitations than the other resorts of Thailand. However, the rain season lasts traditionally from May to October. The perfect time for the rest on this island is from November to March.

    As for the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, there aren’t many precipitations from the beginning of November to March. The official rain season starts in April and lasts to October. The maximum quantity of rainy days is registered in September.

    Of course, the weather in the rainy season can be unpredictable, but the most precipitations fall at night. And the strongest tropical showers are changed into the pleasant sunny weather in the morning. Such showers don’t last long (from 30 minutes to 2 hours). They also don’t cause many inconveniences to the tourists.

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    The best Phuket hotels

    Planning the trip to Phuket, you face such an important question as the choice of the most suitable hotel. In this article we’ll tell you about the feature of hotels on Phuket. It will help you to make a right choice.

    Most Phuket hotels are situated along the coastline, just a few meters away from the sea. So, it’s better to start the choice of Phuket hotel from the beach. For this purpose, we recommend you to read our article about the best beaches of Phuket. If the descriptions of the beaches are not enough for you, learn all the Phuket beaches on the map with descriptions and reviews. There you’ll find a lot of useful information about their location, hotels and infrastructure.
    The choice of Phuket hotel depends mostly on how you plan to rest. Some tourists go to Phuket in search of beach rest, the other plan to visit the excursions and places of interest. The rest is looking for the hotel to rest with children. In every case, the tourists require different levels of service. There are many beaches of different comfort and price level on the island. Here you can find both the luxury hotels with the prices of several hundred dollars a day, and the cheap hotels with a minimum array of services.

    The best five-star hotels of Phuket

    • Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa – Phuket 5, Patong
    • Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket 5, Patong
    • Millennium Resort Patong Phuket 5, Patong
    • Katathani Phuket Beach Resort 5, Kata
    • Aspasia Phuket 5, Kata
    • Moevenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket 5, Karon
    • Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 5, Karon
    • Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket 5, Bang Tao
    • Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort 5, Bang Tao
    • U Sunsuri Phuket 5 (ex.Sunsuri Phuket 5), Naiharn
    • Pullman Phuket Arcadia 5, Naiton

    The five-star hotels of Phuket will fit perfectly for the family rest and playing different sports. There are several pool for adults and children, a few bars and restaurants with different kitchens and children’s menu, Spa- and fitness centers, beauty salons, children’s playgrounds, water parks, golf course, tennis-courts and many other entertainments for adults and children.

    The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for the comfortable stay: air-conditioner, TV set with cable channels, phone, Internet access, safe, bathroom or jacuzzi, bar, fridge, and the bed for small children.

    The five-star hotels are often situated next to the small beaches, but far from the popular tourist places. They are advertised as the hotels with personal beaches, but it’s not quite like that. All the Phuket beaches are public, but you can get to some of them only on the sea or through the hotel territory. That’s why there aren’t many vacationists here, except for the hotel guests.

    If you plan your trip to the high season, you should book the room in Phuket hotel in advance as there can be no rooms remained at the height of the season. Phuket Island is a very popular tourist direction, so it is better to reserve a few months before the trip.

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    The best beaches of Pattaya

    If you plan to spend your vacation in Thailand, you certainly need to learn about the resort pearl of this country- Pattaya. A great number of beaches are located in this resort area. In most cases, Pattaya beaches are very clean. The tourist service infrastructure is fully developed along the coastline.

    The peculiarities of rest in Pattaya

    The local population will gladly offer you a wide choice of marine delicacies and cold beverages. Everywhere you can see the rental agencies of wave runners. You can also ride “banana” or “bun”. It is pleasant to know that there are no private beaches in Thailand. It means that the whole coastline is free to visit for all comers. In view of the fact that the Thailand Gulf has an outlet to the midocean, the ebbs and flows happen frequently. Besides, at this time the beach can be totally flooded. Or else, the water can rush back so much that you’ll have to walk about 100 m to bathe. There are some vicissitudes of nature, but you can easily adjust yourself to them for a couple of days. After all, it is possible to synchronize watches according to the local flows. But in general, Pattaya weather is very pleasant. Because of local geographical features, the storms never happen in these parts of the world.

    The most popular beaches of Pattaya

    The north side of Pattaya resort offers a lot of beaches, available for the tourists’ visit:

    1. Naklua Pattaya is one of the most popular northern beaches. The local infrastructure is not so developed, as it adjoins 2 large hotels. Nevertheless, the beach disposes of all necessary components of a good rest. At the time of ebbs, it is advisable to look underfoot, walking about the sea bottom, as you can step on a sharp splinter of rock or coral.
    2. The center beach of Pattaya, or Beach Road, can boast of an excellent infrastructure, but it has some disadvantages as well. It is rather narrow, in some places no more than 20 m. And to top it all, the highway passes directly behind it. The length of the beach itself doesn’t exceed 3 km.
    3. The lovers of budget vacation won’t find a better place in Pattaya than Jomtien Beach. This beach is more than 7 km length. The advantage of this place is that it is less crowded. However, the sandy bottom isn’t very clean, and you can easily step on the sharp coral.

    Whatever beach you’ll choose, this heavenly spot will give you everything you could have expected from the rest on the ocean coast. The best and the cleanest beaches of Pattaya are always glad to receive the tourists!

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    The delights of Bangkok nightlife

    It is no secret that many tourists come to Thailand in search of entertainments and exotics. After all, this country if famous for its night clubs, different shows and a variety of entertainments. Bangkok is the center of nightlife of Thailand.

    The main information

    Of course, many tourists come to Thailand only in search of the variety and exotics in private life, as there you can find an erotic adventure for all tastes and wishes. Such tourists come directly to Bangkok.

    Those who want to combine the rest on the beach with the rich nightlife, come to Pattaya or the islands of Thailand. The famous entertainments and discos of Thailand attract a lot of tourists. In the afternoon, the spend time on the coast, and at night they move to the high sports of the resorts. Every city has its own streets and districts, where the nightlife goes by.

    Bangkok nightlife

    The night entertainments of Bangkok have long ago become its main curiosity. Many tourists from all over the world come to Thailand for various entertainments. Here you can find everything: streets fights without rules, noisy discos, numerous entertainment centers, peep-shows, go-go shows and different sex-services.
    The most popular night area is Sukhumvit. All streets of this district are filled with beerhouses, go-go shows and peep-shows. The auto traffic isn’t too busy here. Another favorite place of night rest is the bar “Ad Makers”. It is an excellent place, where a lot of people listen to the rock music, try the dishes of Thai kitchen and have a good time. If you wish, you can arrange your own party in this bar (but you must pre-discuss it with the administration of the establishment). A lot of night establishments are situated in the Silom Street. Here you can find many prestige and respectable clubs of Bangkok, and also a lot of gay clubs (but the heterosexual couples also feel comfortable here).

    It is known that many tourists come to Thailand in search of exotic sex-entertainments. And Bangkok represents the center of these entertainments. It’s a city where you can find a lot of them. Patpong and Cowboy streets always wait for the lovers of exotic erotic shows. Numerous strip- and erotic shows attract many men, but the women are also not averse to drop in here.

    Resting in Thailand, try to find time to visit the city that never sleeps. The mixture of colors, styles, aromas, constant music and tasty food will leave nobody untouched.

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    The main features of Baiyoke Sky Hotel

    Baiyoke Sky Hotel is situated in the 88-storey building. It is the highest hotel in Thailand. From here you can enjoy the amazing all-round view of Bangkok. There is a rotating platform on the roof, and also viewing site and 7 restaurants.

    Baiyoke Sky Hotel is located in the downtown area Pathuwman, 5 minutes from the railway station Ratchaprapop, from where you can get to the airport Suvarnabhumi in 25 minutes by train.

    Baiyoke Sky Hotel offers the luxurious room with a view of the cityscape. The marble bathroom adjoins the rooms. There is a flat-screen TV set with satellite channels, mini-bar, teapot and coffee pot in the rooms of the hotel.

    There are health-improvement fitness club, where you can have Spa-treatments, and a fitness center on the territory of the hotel. The beauty salon is located nearby. As for the sports equipment, the hotel provides the outdoor golf course and swimming-pool. In addition, there are grocery store and excursion office on the territory of the hotel.

    The twenty-four-hour café Sky offers the dishes of Thai and international kitchens. Every day, the restaurant Bangkok Sky serves “smorgasbord” with a wide choice of seafood and the dishes of international kitchen. The bar on the roof Roof Top Bar and Music can offer you not only good drinks, but also live music and shows.
    Pathuwman is an excellent choice if you’re interested in the purchase of clothes, shopping and food.

    The useful information
    The arrival: from 14:00
    The departure: before 12:00
    The cancellation/ advance payment: the rules of book cancellation and advance payment depend on the room category. Please, learn the conditions of booking of the required room yourself.
    The accommodation of children and the assignment of additional beds
    Children of any age are allowed
    Gratis! If the child is under 2 years it can occupy the children’s bed gratis.
    If one child of 3 years and upwards or an overgrown child occupies a separate bed, you’ll have to pay 1000 per person for a night.
    Gratis! If the child under 12 doesn’t occupy a separate bed, it can stay gratis.
    The maximum quantity of additional beds/children’s beds in the room-1.
    Domestic animals: the location of domestic animals is forbidden.
    The additional services aren’t included in the price and are to be paid separately at the time of your stay.

    The Baiyoke Sky Hotel will provide you the best pastime in the center of Thailand!

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    The most original entertainments in Bangkok

    Bangkok is a city where everybody can find the occupation to his/her own taste. We made a list of the cheapest and the most interesting and the cheapest entertainments in the center of Thailand.

    1. Look at the city from the height.

    Perhaps, it’s the main thing to do in Bangkok.
    You’ll get the incredible emotions from the exciting view from the 58th stage at the center of the city. It will be one of the most wonderful experiences in your life!

    2. Visit the free festivals.

    You can like Bangkok for its presents. There are different free and unusual exhibitions, art festivals and many other things. The artists from all over the world paint 3D pictures straight in the street. You can also talk to the Living Statues in the subways.
    What can you do in Bangkok? Just walk in the center of the city with the largest shops, and you’ll see a lot of interesting things.

    3. Visit the free exhibitions.

    There are many of them in Bangkok. The walls of almost every large shopping center are hung with the pictures for sale. You don’t need to buy them, but you can just have a look. Why should you look at the pictures, if you’re not fond of art? When you come home, you’ll be able boast your friends that you saw the picture made of adhesive tape. They didn’t, but you did. It’s cool, isn’t it? Besides, it’s always useful to elevate the mind. If you’re a fan of comics or anime, a lot of entertainments wait for you in Bangkok. You’ll see the professionally made miniature copies of Spiderman, Batman, Hulk and other comics’ characters. You can also visit Comic Con, where the Thai dress as their favorite film or comics’ characters.

    4. Visit the restaurant of robots.

    It is “a must” to visit Hajime robot restaurant. It’s not a common restaurant with usual waiters. Here you’ll be served by the robots. Well, to be honest, the robots will just bring the chosen dishes from one place to the other, but you must admit that it is better than nothing. Besides, where else can you see the waiters-robots, except for Japan?

    5. Visit the cat-café.

    Perhaps, it’s one of the coziest places of Bangkok. It is an excellent entertainment- to come and play with cats. The things you can do in the café: order food; try to hide it from the cats; stroke the cats; play with the cats; not to torture the cats. You can just sit and admire the cats all day long. You just need to order some food from time to time not to be disturbed.

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    The most interesting facts about Thailand tourism

    The history of tourism in Thailand

    The beginning of mass tourism in Thailand can be related to the 1960s, when the country acted as the rear for the American soldiers, fighting in Vietnam. There were large military installations and recreation spots for the USA servicemen, being on vacation.

    The large-scale building of hotels, bars, massage salons and accompanying tourist infrastructure started at the end of 1960s. At the same time, a lot of travel agencies were open. They arranged the excursion to the most important places of interest. The soldiers which came home from the war returned to Thailand together with their families and spent their vacations here.

    Tourism statistics

    Nowadays, Thailand is one of the main tourist centers of South East Asia. The number of tourists visiting Thailand has increased from 400 000 in 1967 to 14 000 000 in 2017. According to the Tourism Department of Thailand, in 2011 the country was visited by 19 098 323 foreign tourists, which is 19.84 % more than in 2018.
    There are five countries with the greatest quantity of Thailand tourists:

    1. Malaysia- 2470688 people.
    2. Peoples Republic of China- 1760564 people.
    3. Japan- 1126221 people.
    4. Russia- 1014493 people.
    5. The Republic of Korea- 1014292 people.

    The part of Russian tourists in the total number of foreign tourists in 2017 was 5.31 %. Russia is a leader of the European tourist arrival to Thailand. Russia provided 24.97 % of tourists or 1 317 387 visitors in 2017.

    The average duration of stay of the foreign visitors (as of 2017) was 9 days. At that, the tourists brought in the income of 11 billion euro. In 2016 Thailand took 18th place among the most visited countries of the world.

    The main competitors of Thailand are such countries as: Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The peak of tourist activity falls at Christmas and New Year holidays.
    First of all, the tourists from Asia are attracted by the historical and cultural and natural places of interest of Bangkok and its surroundings. And the residents of Western countries prefer the southern part of Thailand with its beaches and islands.

    The distinctive feature of Thailand tourism is an increasing quality of people, coming here from the northern latitude for the long-term “wintering”. Usually, they stay in Thailand from November to April, as it is the most climatic favorable season.

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    Tips for the comfortable flight to Thailand

    It’s time to find out how to get to Thailand cheap. Study this review and fly to sunny Thailand comfortable!

    Of course, this article is intended for those who want to go to Thailand independently, without buying a tour. It will be useful both for those who flights to Thailand for a long time (for example, to pass the winter) and for the people who wish to rest here for a couple of weeks. After all, there are the same planes for both of these categories.

    Get ready to find out everything about cheap and comfortable flight to Thailand!

    Let’s start!

    To begin with, let’s consider the average floor prices for the flight to Bangkok. After that, you’ll find about some sales, the compositions of complicated routs and other ways to reach Bangkok as cheap as possible. When you look for the air tickets, use the searching system Aviasales and Buruki- the practice shows that they find the cheapest plane tickets. Besides, both websites have a possibility to plot a complicated route and use the calendar of low prices, making the search for cheap tickets much easier.

    Besides, there is a full list of all the ways to reach Bangkok from the city and vice versa, from the airport to the center. It’s the most complete and detailed material.

    The review of prices for flights to Thailand
    It’s worth noting that it’s much cheaper to fly to Thailand in spring and summer than in autumn or winter. But as the main season of trip to Thailand falls at the autumn-winter period, the matter will concern this season.

    Many airlines fly to Thailand. And in 95% of cases, you’ll get a discontinuous flight. So, you’ll have to change planes in one or even two cities. There are also direct flights. You can easily find them, but they are much more expensive.

    The flights to Bangkok with transfers

    There are a lot more airlines which offer the flights to Bangkok with 1-2 transfers. Basically, the transfer flights are the most successful option with an adequate “price-comfort” relation. The most people fly to Thailand in this way.

    In what cities should you make transfer, flying to Bangkok? It depends on what is the main airport of the chosen airline:

    • Emirates flies via Dubai (United Arab Emirates);
    • China Southern Airlines flies via Guangzhou (China);
    • Air Astana flies via Astana and Almaty;
    • Etihad flies via Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates);
    • Finnair flies via Helsinki (Finland);
    • Cathay Pacific flies via Hong Kong;
    • Qatar Airways flies via Doha (Qatar), etc.

    We wish you a good flight!

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    The main advantages of Thailand holidays

    If you have an opportunity to spend your holidays in Thailand, don’t miss it! You just have to take occasion and visit the Kingdom of Thailand. Enjoy the impassable jungle, tropical climate, buddhistic cloisters and luxurious hotels. A lot of people rest in this country almost every year. And each time they assert that Thailand win their affection time and again. Thailand is able to delight, arouse admiration and surprise.

    The places of interests and cultural values of Thailand are able to amaze endlessly: whether it be fashionable sky-scrapers, adjoining the modest huts, antique carts and European multilevel roads, unique temple complexes and modern restaurants. The Kingdom of Thailand gained a reputation of the most amazing and hospitable countries.

    Thailand is crowded with emigrants and tourists in any season. Hospitality is a visiting card of Thailand. Thai is a very nice and complaisant nation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with a high degree of service and kindness of Thai people. One always feels easy and free in this country. However, you should remember that Thailand is quite another country with different traditions and rules of conduct, which you should keep in mind and observe not to get into trouble.

    Everyone will like the Kingdom of Thailand: both the true fans of pre-dawn hikes and those who want to spend their vacation in the restaurants to the clinking of champagne glasses. Every tourist, dreaming of seeing something new, mysterious and incredible, will find the vacation in Thailand heavenly. You can buy a tour to Thailand in any season. After all, the markets of Thailand are always filled with fresh tropical fruit and a variety of seafood. The hotels of Thailand will be pleased to meet you.

    You can choose the location of your future dwelling to your taste. It can be the hotel with noisy night-life or some remote place.
    Being in the picturesque mountains of Thailand, you can climb the rocks or enjoy the beauty of small mountain waterfalls. Not only the mountaineering, but also the boating is developed in Thailand. The fans of diving and underwater swimming will be excited about the beautiful beaches with white sand.

    You can be sure, that the trip to Thailand differs from everything you’ve seen so far. Treat yourself with the meeting the most amazing country in the world!

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    The main characteristics of Thai Airways

    The airline Thai Airways was formed in 1957. The maiden flight was performed in 1960. The aircraft inventory of Thai Airways includes: Airbus A300, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-500, Airbus A340-600, Airbus A380, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300. The base airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

    Service classes

    The airline Thai Airways offers three classes: first class, business class and economy class. The first class is met in the airport. The airport staff completes all the departure formalities for the first-class passenger, related to the registration. The cabin seats are unfolded into a horizontal position and have 2-meter height. The business class is registered on separate check-in desks, out of turn. The cabin seats are unfolded at an angle of 170 degrees.

    The economy class gets free plaids. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages of high quality are available.

    You can transport the following baggage free of charge: 20 kg for the economy class; 30 kg for the business class; 40 kg for the first class. The weight of hand baggage mustn’t exceed 7 kg, the sum total of all three measurement mustn’t exceed 115 см (56+46+25 см).

    The peculiarities of service

    Thai Airways is the only company from our list which gives an opportunity to book air tickets to the destination within Thailand. For instance, you can fly from Bangkok to Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai, Surat Thani, and many other cities and resorts. It’s easy to book the air tickets from Russia, for example: Moscow- Bangkok- Phuket. But pay attention to the connecting time. Sometimes it is 1.5-2 hours and sometimes 10-12 hours. Apart from domestic flights in Thailand, Thai Airways perform flights to the all countries of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

    It is a pleasure to fly with Thai Airways. Firstly, the flight prices are usually lower than those of the other airlines, performing one-way flights. Secondly, the whole staff is Thai. They are very friendly and well-disposed. Thirdly, the staff offers quality food and alcoholic drinks gratis. The preselection (for 72 hours) is available.

    The social activity of Thai Airways

    The airline represents not only its own interests, but also the interests of “Thaniland Kingdom”. Thai Airways promote the development of tourist activity and the attraction of new visitors.

    The airline doesn’t forget about the popularization of the customs, traditions and culture of Thailand.

    The airline meets all the modern ecological standards.