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    Kitchen towels

    Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. For each family kitchen it is a special place, so a comfort there should be special.
    During the preparation of different dishes the chef has to wipe his hands permanently, wipe the dishes, take hot pots and more. Therefore, there is no kitchen without towels. Yes, besides, towel in the kitchen also can play a decorative role, complementing the interior of the room, giving it a significant tone. It is most convenient for the hostess, when there is not one towel at her garderobe, but the full set, each element of which will be designed for specific purposes.

    The shape, size and sets of kitchen towels

    Towel kitchen should not be very large, and napkins should be even smaller.

    Large products are difficult to wash and dry them for a long time, and towels that are used in the cooking process, quickly get dirty and need a constant change. There are various forms of kitchen towels: square, rectangular and round. Rectangular and square 30×50, 35×70 and 40×60 in size crockery items are very handy for wiping.

    The small size allow these towels to wipe the plate with a spoon and easy to wipe the glass, and they will dry better than larger items. Round towels are often used as a decorative element and crafts, especially if their design and colors are in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen. Moreover, they can be used as textile wipes for guests. Besides products of size 50х50 or 70 cm in diameter round towels can serve as sticking to hot dishes.

    Hand towel changes less often than dish towel, so you can choose bigger size: 45×70, 50×90 or 50×70.

    The kitchen also cannot be without napkins. Small napkins 20×20 or 30×30 in size are perfect for the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels material

    Choosing kitchen towels you need to initially pay attention to their fabric, which should be only natural. Thus towels must have high hygroscopicity and be painted with safe, resistant dye. After all, in the course of their use it is necessary not only to wipe the hands and dishes, but also fruits and vegetables to the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels in color and design

    Selecting a kitchen towel of suitable material and size is easy. Much more difficult is to identify correctly the color of product. Bright towels and napkins of white, gray, yellow, beige and brown colors will look great in the kitchen with woodgrain interior. For a white kitchen light gray or blue kitchen towels are more suitable. But as a bright accent, you can use the multi-colored towels of luscious shades.

  • Sport

    Gym towels

    We all know how important it is to use a towel while exercising in the gym. Gym is a place where a lot of people are involved. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where germs and bacteria spread rapidly. In this connection it is necessary to be cautious and take care of yourself so as not to spread germs on your own and not to be in contact with other people’s germs.

    The first question that comes to mind when we are going to buy a towel to the gym, it is a question of the size of a towel.
    This question has no single answer. Everyone chooses for himself a towel of convenient size. Most often it is a towel in size 50×100. It is not too large, it is comfortable to wear in the room. This towel is ideal if you do not have a large body or use a towel to wipe the sweat from his face and body.

    It is worth paying attention to two nuances. First, it is not necessary to wipe your hands with a towel, which you wipe the sweat in the gym from the face and body. The hands are constantly in contact with the machines. If you wipe the face and hands with the same towel, you risk to pass the infection to your face and as a result pimples may appear on the face.

    Second, use a towel with tags on one side. That way you’ll always know which side is in contact with fitness machines and which one – with your body.

    The ideal option is to use a separate, small towel for hands.

    If you work most of the time at the exerciser or you are have a large body, pay attention to the large towels. For example 70×140 or 80×150. These towels are convenient to use because they cover most of the fitness equipment and your body is not in contact with the surface.
    The quality of the towels in the gym is usually the second question we ask ourselves. You have to understand what characteristics should have a towel at the gym.

    The towel should be one of high quality. After all, the towel will be washed after each visit to the gym. High quality towels withstand a lot of washings; thus they do not lose original color and form. Towels are usually made of high quality 100% Egyptian cotton.
    Pay attention to the temperature at which you can wash a towel. The temperature should be no lower than 60 degrees. At this temperature microbes and bacteria are killed.

    Towel has to absorb moisture well, to be soft and pleasant to the touch. With these demands towels made from 100% cotton cope at best. Furthermore towels from natural materials do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergy.

    The towel to the gym should cheer up, encourage energy and give cheerfulness. We recommend choosing a sports towel of bright colors and designs. That is yellow, green, red, bright green, deep blue color. The towel is now part of fitness to practice in the gym. Stylish towel can be a bright addition to your clothes for the gym. Agree, when you are happy with your appearance, your good mood and good mood is a guarantee of effective workout.

  • Home

    Turkish towels

    Towel is an indispensable thing in every home, part of luxury, comfort and even style. Without the towel it is difficult to do on the road, on the beach, in the bath or sauna. In addition, the towels are a universal gift, be it a wedding or any other celebration. And if it is a good quality towel, the surprise will be doubly pleased. Of course, the towels that are used in the house must fully comply with all requirements of the household. Those ones include nice design, excellent quality, softness, appropriate size and the ability to quickly absorb moisture.

    Not everyone knows that the birthplace of the first bath towels is Turkey, where its item, without which we cannot imagine our daily life, has been used several centuries ago. Provenance of terry towels is associated with the culture of visiting the baths. Bath has always been a very important attribute Turkish life. Terry towels have acquired habitual to us form and become a mass produced since the 18th century. It is known that the first workshops for the production of terry towels were opened in Bursa (Turkey). Over time, the technology has spread to other countries, including Europe. But even today the Turkish towels are the highest quality, but their modern designs will bring you true aesthetic pleasure.

    Today, the textile sector in Turkey has a leading role in the economy, the government actively supports and promotes the industry, thereby increasing every year equipment factories, production is becoming more high-tech.

    Turkish towels can be divided according to their purpose in the bath, kitchen, beach, massage, wedding, towels for hands and feet, children, towels for babies and others. By the weaving method towels are divided into terry, waffle, jacquard, velur, bamboo fibers, and special weave towels – peshtemal.

    Today, Turkish towels are recognized worldwide for its high quality. While in Turkey, you can buy a cotton hand towel now for about 20-40 TL per share, in the European countries, the price will double, and in the United States – four times more.

    1. Never buy a towel in the markets and small markets – processing quality of raw materials plays an important role in this case. Get the towel in specialized stores, shopping centers or retail stores, textile mills.
    2. Towel cloth should be evenly dyed, have no outside odors of chemicals and do not leave a waxy or greasy taints on hands. Towels should not leave fibres.
    3. Pay attention to the composition of the product. Most towels are marked – 100% cotton (pamuk) or 100% bamboo (bamboo). But be careful! There may be other special notes, for example, 100% cotton (M) –it is the addition of synthetic fibers; (PK) – means that polycotton is added. In order to determine whether there is a part of synthetics in the Turkish towel, some water should be poured onto the smooth surface. Wipe it with a towel – if stains remain strong, it means that there are synthetics in it.
  • Furniture

    Bamboo towels

    An innovative product that has unique properties –that’s all about towels made of bamboo. By quality characteristics and consumer properties these products surpass their counterparts. Today, bamboo towel is still impossible to see in every home, but their popularity is growing. They are gradually replacing the familiar to us the classic cotton, velor and terry towels. This is not surprising, because bamboo towels are notable for number of advantages, including a silky shine, amazing softness, increased durability, high absorbency, antimicrobial activity, color fastness and ease of care, as well as the ability to restore the energy balance of the facial skin and contribute to its rejuvenation.

    How is it possible to use bamboo in the textile production, in particular towels?

    The secret is simple. At the heart of bamboo towels lies bamboo fiber derived from the pulp of the bamboo core, which has a high degree of softness and silkiness. Fiber is produced from bamboo pulp, from which a yarn spins, which is used in the production of these gentle towels. Bamboo towels can be compared for softness and silkiness with cashmere and silk.

    In the production of the fabric chemical components does not apply. This confirms by the 100% environmentally friendly bamboo textiles.

    However, bamboo products are popular not only because of environmental friendliness. The secret of success is in the unique features and benefits, including:

    • silkiness and softness. Towels made of bamboo provide a unique softness, silkiness, shine characteristic distinguishing them from products made of cotton and many other materials. While touching bamboo towels you can only recall cashmere or silk.
    • antibacterial protection. As part of the bamboo fabric there are natural antibacterial ingredients that prevent the growth and development of bacteria. Due to the absence of chemical treatment all antibacterial properties are stored in the bamboo fiber. This unique feature is retained after the washing. After the use of products made from 100% bamboo yarn people with skin problems claim a marked improvement, parents of babies assure that diaper rash and redness disappear.
    • hypoallergenicity. Practice has shown: daily use of bamboo towels does not cause skin irritations, plus reduces the effects of these stimuli also eliminates allergic reactions.
    • Leather and benefit forit. Bamboo fabric contains green pectin, vitamin E, amino acids and bamboo honey, anti-aging of the skin, contributing to its smoothing and moisturizing, and restores the energy balance of the skin.
    • hygroscopinity. Bamboo towels have an increased ability to absorb moisture. They absorb almost three times more than conventional cotton towels.

    The rate of moisture absorption. Bamboo towels absorb moisture more than 4 times faster than cotton towels.

    • UV protection. Another quality of bamboo fabric is a high level of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays
    •  breathability. Bamboo towels have great breathability, 3.5 times more than the same figure for cotton products.


  • Furniture

    Egyptian cotton towels

    It is believed that originally cotton came from ancient Egypt, and the BC Egyptians knew how to make the highest quality fabrics, that were not inferior to the present. If you appreciate the bedding or towels of the highest quality, no doubt you are aware that high-quality textile is made of ELS cotton (Extra-Long Staple Cotton). Long cotton fiber make ELS yarn strong and soft, and, in turn, fabric obtained from it is much more durable and softer.

    Due to the temperate climate of Egypt, long staple cotton is grown in the Nile Delta and considered the best in the world. Extra-long fibers give the fabric a rich luster and exceptional softness, as long staple cotton does not need a strong finishing power in natural purity, elasticity and smoothness. Egyptian ELS cotton is more expensive than ordinary accostable cotton, because it is synonymous with a word ‘quality’.
    Egyptian cotton is used to make cotton clothes and towels for many years. What a pleasure to feel warm and comfort, when you are wrapped in a soft fluffy towel after a warm bath. Egyptian cotton towels are made of natural cotton fibers, which can fully absorb the moisture, and you will feel yourself dry, in the warmness and tenderness of soft towel.

    Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for the manufacture of towels, as its fibers are bigger and thicker than conventional cotton’s. The strength and durability of the fibers in combination with a low risk of shrinkage makes it ideal. Fabric is durable and perfectly carries the laundry in the washing machine at home. Egyptian cotton is super absorbent, warm and breathable. Thanks to well absorb moisture, such towels are ideal not only for adults but also for children. Available in various colors, including the popular white, the towels are soft and thick, and with proper care they will serve you for a long time. No matter what size is your bathroom and what style it is framed, colorful set of towels will be a bright accent pleasing soul and cheering up.

    Nowadays towels made of organic fabrics are very popular, they are suitable for all skin types thanks to its soft and absorbent qualities. Do not refuse the pleasure and soothing warmth of soft towels, which form the daily necessity for any home. Egyptian cotton towels are expensive. These ultra soft towels are used in the resorts and high class hotels, expensive private clinics and gyms. Towels with fibers of low density fit well for use in the gym, while the thick towels are suitable for use after bathing.
    Egyptian cotton towels over the years may become rough. Put them in a container of vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This will relax the fibers and make the towel softer. Excessive use of detergent and fabric softeners can also damage the texture of luxurious towels. Proper care will provide a long service of such a pleasant and luxurious thing, like Egyptian cotton towel.

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    Luxury towels

    The last thing you want when you step out of a luxurious bath or relaxing shower is to feel the scratchy material of a cheap towel even if it matches your bath decor. What you do want is to be able to wrap yourself in a plush, thick towel to continue the feeling of having a spa treatment at home. So, how do you find bath towels with the quality you enjoy at five-star hotels? Here are a few tips to ensure that you purchase the right kind of towels for your home.

    Most towels are made of cotton, but there are wide variations in quality. Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are usually the best choices for a towel that provides you the luxury you want. These materials are also the most durable, which means they can last a long time or at least until you are ready to change your bath décor and renew the towels.

    The difference in cottons is in the length of the fiber. Egyptian has the longest fiber, which contributes to the soft, plush feel that you enjoy wrapping around you. Supima cotton is shorter but still provides softness combined with durability.

    Also you may look at the edges of a towel to determine its quality. The double-sewed edge is not just an attractive feature, but one that provides extra durability. These edges will be less likely to fray than one with a woven edge.

    Density refers to the number of fibers that are in a square foot and is also called the pile. A high quality towel will have a high density.

    If you want to check the density on your towel, you can pinch a section of material between your fingers so you can see the loops of fibers. If there is a space between the loops, you have a poor quality towel. However, if the loops are touching, you have made a good choice. The density determines how well the linen (towel) dries you off.

    A high quality linen towel will absorb the water while still providing the comfort you want. Low quality towels are often wet before you have even finished using them while the better quality choices may barely even feel wet. The best towels combine absorbency with lighter weight to dry quickly for the next use.

    The new microfiber and cotton combination towels are absorbent with a light feel that still dries fast. They are fluffy and plush with a texture similar to soft suede. A velour finish on a terry-looped towel can reduce the absorbency and is often seen in woven towels. However, it is still a popular choice because of the soft texture and the elegant design.

    Higher quality towels often have a higher price to go with them. However, these towels also tend to last longer, which can make them cheaper in the long run.

    Of course, the name brand has a lot of influence in the price along with the material and density. That is why it is essential that you know what makes up a quality towel so that you know what to look for instead of just looking at the cost.

  • Other

    Monogrammed towels

    There are many different ways to monogram towels. The most common style uses three initials: however, the order of the initials can vary. The letters can be used in order, from first name, middle name to last name. Married couples typically use their first name initials placed on either side of their shared last name initial. Some prefer a simpler and elegant monogram by using just the last name initial by itself. There are also two letter monograms, that consist of the first and last name initials.

    There are no rules when it comes to monogramming. It is simply a matter of personal choice. There are dozens of different fonts and embroidery designs available for monogramming. Some favored monogram colors are tone on tone, meaning the thread used in creating the monogram is the same color as the towel you selected. You can also choose a different color to make the monogram standout. It you know how to sew, you may wish to add the monogram yourself.

    Monogramming does not end with just adding initials. You can further personalize bath towels by adding your business logo, creative designs or personal messages.

    The basic guidelines for monogramming towels is to place the monogram two inches above the hem on hand towels and four inches above the hem on bath towels. To make sure you sew the monogram on the correct towel side, use the label as a reference point.

    People love to get gifts that are personal and unique. Giving a set of bath towels that have been personalized with a monogram shows the person that you have put thought and effort into a meaningful gift.

    It isn’t hard to find companies that can monogram bath towels for you. The trick is not to just go with the first company you find online that sells monogrammed bath linens. Take some time to browse different websites to find out what styles of monogramming they offer. There are a lot of options, so take the time to find the font and style of monogramming that appeals to you the most.

    If you are looking for simple, single initial monogrammed bath towels, you can find bath towels with letters on them from A-Z that can be ordered and shipped in just a few days. If you are personalizing your monogrammed towels with custom lettering or designs, then you need to allow more time for the towels to be customized and shipped. Keep in mind that most custom linen orders cannot be returned. Some companies are also willing to send you fabric and thread swatches to show you examples of their embroidery work. This is a good idea, especially if you are a very particular about colors shades, as computer monitors can vary when it comes to color appearance.

  • Outdoor

    Beach towels

    One of the important issues in a set of beach stuff is a towel. After the swimming, it will remove the moisture from the body, eliminate hypothermia and discomfort. Any accessory is important in a woman’s arsenal, so you need to take into account the aesthetic appeal of this product.

    Now, apparently, to find the right towel for the beach is not difficult – the choice is simply huge. But becoming the owner of poor-quality goods you at least throw money away, and besides, you can thoroughly spoil your mood during the holidays, when your colorful towel, for example, will shed unexpectedly. That is why you need to choose a beach towel no less carefully than any other textile.
    In order to make the right choices, we must take into account the main characteristics of the beach towel. The best option for a beach holiday is a terry cloth towel. The best results in hygroscopicity show different cotton, bamboo products. You can buy a towel of mixed fibers. It will maintain its functional and aesthetic qualities quite a while. Washing of beach towel should be made pretty often, so good wearing qualities would not be out of place.

    Beach towels are stained in bright and vibrant colors, which emphasize the state of rest. On the bright copies traces of sand or seaweed and wet spots are less visible. When painting conscientious manufacturers use only natural dyes. Yet you should not be in contact for a long time even with certified dyes. Quality beach towels have one clear non-painted side, and the other colored. On the clean side it will be more comfortable to relax and sunbathe without fear to be colored and get an unpleasant skin irritation.

    Terry fabric may consist of fluff or loops. The fibers provide the softness, give comfort. But these products wear out faster, lose their qualities. Towel with tabs will preserve its qualities for a long time, they will cope with the removal of moisture perfectly. It is important to pay attention to the length of these elements. Too long tabs make the product gentle, soft, absorb more moisture. But such a long dry towel will take up more space in the beach bag and weigh more when it is wet. Short tabs do not allow quality wipe, they will not provide a comfort. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to the towel tab of medium length.

    When selecting the size, you need to take into account the purpose of the product. If you plan to just wipe with a towel after swimming, you can buy a medium-sized model. The product, which at the same time will serve as a beach mat should be large.

    In general, beach towels should be color-stable to external influences of UV and moisture, have a fairly large size that it would be convenient to wipe.

    With regard to this design, the choice of towels with a variety of designs, patterns, original stampings is decently wide. This is a theme of the sea, but other motifs are popular too (animals, people, plants). Looped towels are washed in warm water up to 60 ° C and velour ones – up to 40 ° C. For better state looped towels can be hold it in a bit salted water. It is not necessary to iron the towels because they are a special symbol of the summer

  • Interior items

    Hand Towels

    The hand towel is the one you usually find hanging near the sink and measures about 16”x30”.You will find this versatile size at the spa, fitness center, hair salon, and of course in any bathroom.

    Organic Cotton – Certified organic cotton is culled from earth-friendly crops that don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and are harvested using sustainable methods. Towels made from these fibers may have the same look and feel as standard cotton, but without the excess baggage and larger carbon-footprint.

    Egyptian Cotton – Generally considered the highest-quality cotton because of its extra-long fibers and high-absorbency, Egyptian cotton is typically the top choice for luxury hotels and spas. Turkish Cotton – Similar to Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers, this premium cotton is grown exclusively in the Turkish region. Turkish cotton towels are soft, luxurious and absorbent, though not quite as much as the premium Egyptian alternative.

    Pima Cotton – Grown in the American Southwest using the same plants as Egyptian cotton, Pima Cotton is considered a superior fiber and renowned for its strength and durability. Also known by the brand name “Supima”.

    Bamboo – Usually a Bamboo/Cotton blend, but sometimes 100% bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides. It is highly absorbent which makes it an excellent choice for towels. Bamboo blends are very soft, supple, color-fast, luxurious, and are a naturally anti-bacterial fabric.

    Microfiber Blends – Microfiber is starting to make headway in the towel market as a newer alternative. Typically a polyester blend, microfiber towels can absorb a remarkable amount of water. The high-tech blends can be adjusted to create towels that are plush and luxurious.

    The important thing you need to check is the color. During the first time washing, the bad towel will make the whole water into the towel’s color, and you will find the same situation during the second time washing; while the good towel is quite different, it only have little loose color. What is loose color? it is the color left during the dying. It is normally.

    Other important thing is the feeling of the towel. A good towel should be very soft, and very absorbent after put into water.

    Tips for buying the towel: it would be better to buy a brand towel. Then you will know this towel is properly produced and the cotton used is under supervise.

    A good towel will make you just like doing a SPA; while a bad towel will destroy your skin, even damage your health.

  • Furniture

    Bath towels

    Towels are an indispensable attribute of every bathroom. Quantity of towels for a family member, the material and methods of storage can be different, but hygiene requirements are the most important.

    In each house certainly there is a shelf or even a wardrobe which purpose is towels storing. That is not a secret that their number should not be limited by one or two.

    Every person needs several towels:

    • for the hands and face;
    • bath towel;
    • for legs;
    • for private parts.

    Also, it is important to remember the most common sizes of towels. Almost at the every store you will find a standard 100×150 cm bath towel, average one of 70×125 cm hand towel of 50×90 cm, and the smallest for the face of 30×30 cm. On the market there are other sizes of towels, which will be useful for people with large growth and bodily constitution.

    For a typical family of 4 people 16 towels are required, but it is also necessary to have extra towels. To visit the gym or pool it is useful to have little microfiber towels. Also usually at every house there are special guest towels. Usually they the same quality but different colors to make it easier to distinguish.

    Many families are concerned about the small towels for each individual, in some homes, hand towels and face is shared by all family members. Bath towel can also be for all members individual for everyone. Sometimes, they are break down on the principle: one for adults, the other one is for children.

    Hygiene rules are kept very easy – they are washed often. After the shower towel goes to the washing machine, face and hands are wiped for one day, then the towel is washed.

    Which fabric should be the material for bath towels?

    Bath Towels

    Regardless of the number of towels, they should be of high quality, soft, natural, washable fabrics – cotton, bamboo or flax.

    Terry cotton or bamboo towels are permanent leaders among bathroom textile. But we should not buy cheap products with sloppy edges, they are usually substandard and do not absorb moisture.

    Bamboo towels are soft, practical, have a wide range of colors and textures, but their main advantage is hypoallergenicity, these towels can be used even in the care of infants.

    Terry towels

    Another novelty is microfiber products – lightweight, with excellent wear resistance, thin but with good absorbency. They will be invaluable at travels, at the beach or a hike.

    Where should the towels be stored?

    Each bathroom has a heated towel rail, which is convenient to hang a wet towel on. You can use special hooks or holders.

    So, white towels will suit any design, they will bring freshness and purity. They need to be washed more often than colored products, but they are made without the addition of dyes. In order not to focus on towels, choose them to match your tiles. If your bathroom seems too pale, choose towels with an extraordinary figure, only perform a little experiment before. Take a corner of the towel and rub the product between your fingers. If the skin has the color trail – there is a possibility of using dyes with chemical additives.