• Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs

    Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs

    It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make your house cozy. Try to make some efforts, use your imagination, apply a creative approach, and create paradise with your own hands without financial costs.

    If you want to decorate Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs, you can use the services of a specialist or follow the tips that will help you to achieve the maximum effect in updating your home. A tastefully designed house will please the owners, and make guests admire its warmth and comfort.

    Clean walls without much decor

    Try to clean the walls from wallpaper almost to concrete or brick. Rough and uneven surfaces of masonry joints can become a distinctive feature of the room, creating a special style. Such an original way of finishing can often be modified by repainting the surface of the walls in any color with the help of water-emulsion paint.

    Cleaning space from cables

    Today, every house is stuffed with modern technology, which is installed after the completion of all repairs.
    The cables running through all the rooms create a feeling of disorder. It is not difficult to deal with them. You can hide them:

    • with the help of plants. Cable from wall to TV can be closed with branches of high dracaena, trudging along the walls etc. Cables can be also decorated with artificial plants;
    • with the help of furniture. Make the arrangement of the cabinet, sofa, table or chest of drawers so that the furniture will cover the cable laid around the house;
    • with the help of laying the cables at the doors and architraves.

    Use books as decoration elements

    A very interesting solution for the arrangement of the house with cheap and original ideas will be the use of books in its decoration. You can make a stand for a coffee table or a shelf on the wall. If you have got a lot of magazines, they will successfully serve as a soft chair.

    Open bookshelves can be decorated with books, if you make binding of the same color with your own hands for each of them.

    You may also decorate the fragments of the walls with books. It will look originally.K

    Embody design ideas in decorating the house with taste, cheaply and interestingly. Borrow something from others and make your home comfortable and convenient with minimal cost.

  • Outdoor

    Outdoor wall art

    There are four types of hedge construction at the small holdings, the choice must be assumed, respectively, of the conditions of your garden and your design ideas. It is necessary to consider the size and brightness of the garden, the practical necessity of some partition types, the style of your site and those “special effects” that you want to achieve. So, if a garden is small and shady, it is not necessary to arrange solid walls, but if in some place it is uncomfortable because of the constant winds, so there should be just a solid partition. If the style of the garden presupposes openwork partitions, these are the ones you must arrange first.

    And if you want to create the effect of “Studio garden”, your choice is conditioned partitions.

    Solid green fence

    As the name implies, solid hedges are a continuous array, with no gaps. This may be a fragment (or section) of the fence, specially made out of some hard material unconnected wall of brick, stone, concrete, wood, bamboo.

    Their height can be any, but usually not less than 1 m. But this is not the only option for solid walls.

    Thick hedge is a solid partition, portable screen of solid construction is the same thing. Most often solid walls have a greater length.

    Openwork garden walls

    Openwork garden walls are not solid, they “shine through”, and the degree of transparency you can adjust at your discretion: by the construction or vertical landscaping.

    This type of partition is the most beautiful and “the most decorated”. The greatest number of decor ideas – precisely for such garden borders. The advantage of these baffles is that they are perceived, but the perception of space is not limited.

    Typically, openwork garden walls is a design for vertical gardening: a variety of mesh and shaped trellis, pergolas, arches, garden screens, freestanding structure for vertical landscaping, combined together. Apart from special designs there may be fragments (sections) of wrought iron fence or portable screen, the design of which delicate. Hedge can be openwork wall, just in case it does not have to be thick. Openwork partitions can be screens made of glass and polycarbonate. All designs used for openwork partitions look graceful, light, v variegated, and they are beautiful even in winter, with the lack of plants on them.

    Hedge “conditional green fence”

    The main difference between the hedge “conditional green fence” and other garden borders that it is quite reminiscent of the walls, which we are used to see. But they perform their functions better than conventional walls. Conditional borders are the most unusual and interesting ones.

  • Home

    Unusual ideas of baby decorations for the rooms

    The decoration of baby’s room can simple or complicated. The main rule is an opportunity to change everything fast and at a very low cost. After all, the children grow so quickly!

    The key rule of the baby’s room decoration is the qualitative, eco-friendly and long-lasting finishing material.

    So, it is reasonable to invest in a good noise insulation of the walls, floor and (if necessary) ceiling. The qualitative natural floor and ceiling covering is also very important.

    Decorate the walls in the kids’ room

    The walls must be qualitative. The wall finishing must endure the pressing of the soft-tip pen and the prints of the schoolbag. The perfect option of the wall finishing is the painting. To level the walls, paste a special paper base for painting. And if you want to get the textured walls, use the textured wallpaper for painting.

    Choose the neutral paint color so that you can easily match the colors of accessories, textile and furniture. You must keep the information about this particular paint: the manufacturer, trademark and number of color. Most probably, in a couple of years, you’ll have to tint the walls in some places. It means that you’ll have to buy paint. But you don’t want to repaint the whole room, do you?
    After creating a perfect background for baby’s room, you can start to decorate it.

    There are some ideas of kids’ room decorating:

    1. Hang the posters with the child’s favorite cartoon characters. It’s the cheapest and the most mobile option of baby’s room decoration.

    2. Paste the stickers. It’s the simplest and the most efficient way to transform the kids’ room. There are firms, specialized in such stickers. They have various themes, but the most of stickers are intended for the children. The qualitative stickers are removed without leaving traces and breaks on the wall surface.

    3. Photo wallpaper is another way to change the kids’ room. The main rule you should observe choosing the photo wallpaper- don’t overdo its color and total area. It is better if it occupies no more than 25% -30% of the total area of the walls.
    The wall painting in the baby’s room is the classic. But this variant of decoration requires a bit more efforts and financial investments.

    4. The decorating with the objects, associated with the main child’s hobby. You can devote the kid’s room to one theme, depending on the child’s interests. There is just one snag to it. The hobbies must be not short-term, but really favorite.

    5. Another fashionable way of kids’ room decoration is the use of volume letters. You can make the words out of these letters, for example the child’s name. Or else, you can hang a funny volume alphabet on the wall.

  • Home

    Interesting ideas for the bedroom decoration

    Bedroom is the intimate room where we try to have a rest and hide from the bustle of the modern world. Here you must feel as much protected as possible and wake up in a good temper.

    Bedroom decorating ideas

    This room should be filled with air and the quietest in the house. The most important object of this room is large and comfortable bed. It must be chosen according to the general style of the room. The big soft carpet always adds comfort. The bedside table, where the house owners can put their accessories, won’t be out of place. The night-light must be placed so that it can be switched off without getting out of the bed. If the bedroom is designed in aristocratic style, you can decorate the bed with the fashionable canopies, able to adding luxury and fairy-tale elements. Dressing table, poufs and lamp are the minimal set for the finished interior.

    Bedroom walls decorating

    Mostly, the walls of this room are painted pastel. The soft plastering texture or the beige, olive, peach, tender blue or light green wallpaper are the most suitable elements for the decoration of your bedroom. The big bright wall compositions usually begin to irritate after a while. The elements of bedroom decoration can be of deeper colors as well. The decorative bedspreads, mirrors, cushions, vases and candlestick can add coziness to the accommodation. But they should match the style of the room, so that they go well together.

    Bedroom window decoration

    With the help of elegant curtains, you can not only hide the ugly view of the yard, but also emphasize the style of your bedroom, making it even more comfortable. For the sunlight protection, choose the thick heavy curtains out of velvet or brocade. But make sure that they blend with the rest of décor and match its style. For the classic style, choose the folded curtains and the drapery in the form of garlands. But if the owner prefers minimalism, it is better to buy a roll curtain. The curtains with beautiful lambrequins are also very popular. Not less practical options are the bamboo, Roman, Japanese curtains, etc. The light colors, such as: white-pink, milky, light blue or sand will increase the space of the small bedroom. If you want to add the room peaceful atmosphere, choose green. Blue can give the bedroom some coolness. The main thing is that the decoration of your bedroom put you in a good humor and delights your eyes for long.

  • Home

    Interesting ideas for the bedroom walls decoration

    Bedroom is an essential part of every house. It’s the room where we sleep after the hard working days, read books before going to bed, or just relax.

    It’s very important that the outward appearance of this room meets the main destination of the bedroom, i.e., personifies the atmosphere of peace and comfort.

    In the following, we’ll offer you some modern and fashionable ways of bedroom walls decoration. After all, the walls are the key part of any interior design.

    Many house owners prefer to design their bedroom in the classic style. Usually it includes dark or light shades, allowing relaxing your eyes, and dim night-lamps, filling the room with charming evening lighting.

    You can use different shades of grey, which will slightly obscure the bedroom. At that, you can decorate your room as in single color score and so in various colors. For example, you can paint one wall light grey, and the other dark. You can also use black paint, but in this case you may need to put the additional night-lamps or other light sources so that the room doesn’t look too dark.

    White and other light shades fit for those who want to design their bedroom in the classic style. But you should avoid striking snow-white shades. After all, bedroom is intended for the rest, and too bright whiteness is obviously out of place here. You can mix the light shades with dark ones. For example, paint two walls dark, and the other two- light.

    Speaking of the wall decoration, don’t forget about the accessories. They are especially necessary if the walls are painted whole-colored. Without some stylistic complement, such design can look boring and dull. In this case, you can use the pictures.

    Pictures are the classic way of wall decoration. But keep in mind that not every painting can match this or that design. Though, there are some exceptions. For example, the pictures of nature represent one of the most universal options of decoration, matching any stylistic solution.

    You should study the latest design developments very carefully to understand which style fits you most.