• modern wooden ceiling designs

    Mode of installation of the plank ceiling

    In the recent time the most popular kinds of ceiling decorating were whitewashing with lime, painting with water-based paint, pasting with wallpaper or photo-wallpaper. Such decorations are used in the apartments, while in country-houses and private houses it is common to install the plank ceiling. It gives the house feeling of warmth and comfort. Natural materials are generally used as the plank covering.

    The advantages of the wood sheathing

    Wood sheathing has a lot of important advantages over other materials:

    1. High tenacity;
    2. Higher heat- and sound-insulation;
    3. Pleasing view of natural wood;
    4. Natural wood creates the feeling of luxury. It can emphasize the good taste of house owner;
    5. The installation can be fulfilled with your own hands. All you need is a minimum wood work skill, patience and time.

    Surely, wooden building materials look great, but they require a lot of attention.
    The planks, made of coniferous wood species are notable for their eco-friendliness, which inheres only in natural materials. Due to the using of planks, there is no need for further decoration of the ceiling, since the wood sheathing itself is the decorative element of the interior.

    The facing of ceiling with planks is not a very complicated process. Regardless of the material you’ll choose, you’ll have to put only one layer of it. Every other kinds of the ceiling decoration require applying two or more layers.

  • Interior items

    Custom Wooden Blinds

    Wooden blinds are a spectacular element of the decor, which emphasizes the excellent taste of the owner and ensure environmental safety of the product due to its manufacturing of natural wood. Companies that manufacture and supply blinds offer a huge selection of ready-made wooden blinds, but for those for whom the options presented do not seem quite impressionable, it is always possible to organize the production of custom wooden blinds. This will allow an individual approach to the client’s request and ensure precise fulfillment of his wishes.

    Most manufacturers of blinds operating in Russia, are generally producing them of wood. Among the products of foreign companies are common and wooden blinds of vertical type fastening. The colors of both our and imported from abroad, wooden blinds, delight with their diversity and allow the client to not be limited in their choice. The only thing the customer has to rely in selecting the required type and color of blinds, should be a successful combination of its acquisition with existing furnishings and general style rooms, for which are designed for the blinds.

    Lamellas of wood blinds have a width of 50 or 25 millimeters. Wide 50mm lamellas most advantageous look in the finished wooden blinds for windows of similar wooden material.

    To pick up the desired option for themselves of wooden blinds, to see a photographic image of the finished product, as well as to get all the information customer can from the reference books and directories that happily will give him a manufacturing company.

    Currently, blinds made of wood became readily available for its value for almost any customer, regardless of its level of income. The imported analogues, of course, cost more. In recent years, custom wooden blinds, as well as ready-made wood products became immensely popular. It was the fact that the wooden blinds are extremely easy to manufacture, maintenance and repair. Also blinds from this natural material are extremely versatile and have a low price and a wide range of colors provided by the customer will pick up the necessary shade for the interior, decorated in any color. I would particularly like to note wenge wood blinds, which took over the sympathy of many customers and enjoys an extraordinary demand in recent years.