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  • Home

    Features of house design plan Tamilnadu

    Planning of the private or country house is an important and serious thing that you should leave to the professionals. Of course, the primary task is an architectural plan. If you’re planning your dream house from scratch, you can provide convenient planning and the availability of the necessary rooms. After all, this is the difference between the private home from the city apartment!

    Planning the interior, it is very important to take into account the lifestyle of all family members, their household preferences, hobbies, and interests. So, apart from the usual set of living spaces (such as bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen, dining and living room), your house may be completed with the children’s play and sports area, gym, swimming pool, sauna, workshop, fireplace room, study or library, wine or cheese cellar, etc.

    Of course, at the stage of architecture planning, you have to think about the interior design of the private House Design Plan Tamilnadu to stick to the stylistic uniformity in the architectural elements, interior decoration, and facade

    1000 Sq Ft House Plans In Tamilnadu Style Arts 1200 Tamil Nadu regarding New House Plans In Tamilnadu – pauloricca.com

    By the way, the design of private house facade is another important planning stage. Now, the variety of finishing materials and constructive means allows creating the unique house facade in any style that will have both aesthetic and protective function.

    Russian noble manors, alpine chalet, Italian house, American cottage, and many other styles can now be translated into the facade decoration and the interior of the modern private house.

    The main principles of developing architecture and interior of the modern private house are:

    Individuality, based on the preferences of future residents
    Experimenting with the use of advanced finishing materials
    Total rejection of the style canons
    It has become the basis of such architectural style as functionalism, where the set of functional zones and rooms define the look of the building, and the materials—its construction.

    Nowadays, such modern directions as biotech, eco-tech, and organic architecture prove themselves brighter and more insistent. Their main principles are the unity of people and their living space with nature, smart use of natural resources and the wish to accommodate the landscape features instead of clearing the building space.

    Undoubtedly, it would be useful to complete the architectural style with the interior House Design Plan Tamilnadu in the same style. The main principles and features are similar to architecture. The design of the interior of the modern private house means the simplicity of forms, the cleanliness of space, the use of natural materials in furnishing and decoration, and light monochrome coloristic decisions.

  • Fountains

    Backyard water garden ideas

    You can decorate any country site, even very small, with the help of a water garden. It is not necessary to acquire the basis in the store, you can make it by yourself. To create such a garden with your own hands will take a little time, and the cost will be minimal in this case. You can make a garden of small size, so it does not take up much space on the territory and at the same time is mobile.

    Water garden to be able to transport should be small in size, for example, 800x400x250 millimeters. It can be made of boards available in the dacha, such as cedar, fir or pine board of thickness of 25 millimeters. If desired, the size of your water garden can be increased, but the too large size of such product does not allow to move it from place to place due to the fact that the body of the water garden can be tough enough.

    Creating a water garden

    At the marked bottom of the box should be established a board separator. The ratio of water and earth stations, you can choose any, for example, 3: 1. For the tightness of the internal compartments of a water garden, you will need plastic liners that you can make yourself or use the ready ones. The easiest way – is to miss the compartments several times with hermetic. Just be careful if you are going to have fish in the water part, the used sealant must be suitable for such use and must not be toxic.

    Fill in the dry bay of a water garden. To do this, you need to drill holes for drainage in the bottom of this compartment, then fill it with the soil. If the alleged plants for planting have different requirements for care, it is necessary to place them in separate containers.

    To plant aquatic plants, the bottom compartment is required to be put with bricks. This will allow placing the containers with plants below the water level of about 5 centimeters. As containers can be used, ordinary flower pots or plastic bottles, cut to the required size. Tanks are filled with earth, short of about 2 cm to the edge. In soil are planted plants, and the land on top is sprinkled with small pebbles. Decorative elements can supplement the aqueous part. If you decide to breed fish, then you can put into the water algae, which are sold in any pet store, for extra producing of the oxygen necessary for fishes.

  • Travels

    The main features of Thailand climate

    The climate of Thailand is characterized by a variety of weather conditions in different parts of the country in the same season.
    There are two climatic types in Thailand: tropical monsoon climate in the south and south-east, and subtropical climate in the north. Such weather is noted for a seasonal change of tropical winds and relatively high air temperature all the year. On average, from May to the middle of November, the territory of Thailand is influenced by the summer monsoon and from November to February- by the winter one. Generally speaking, the climate of Thailand remains hot throughout the year.

    The climate of the continental part of the country can be divided into 3 groups: the hot wet weather in summer, the hot, dry weather in autumn, and the warm, dry season in winter.

    The flush period

    It’s rather difficult to separate the only flush period for the whole Thailand. In total, the wet period lasts 6-8 months. The period of the most often showers falls at the end of August and ends in October.

    The island Samui is the exception to the basic rules, as the season of the strongest tropical showers starts in December and lasts 2 months, while the burst of tourist season falls at August. Such “nature surprise” is caused by the fact that this picturesque island is situated in the special climatic zone. On Samui Island, the hot wet season lasts from May to December, while the driest period falls at the time from February to April.

    As for Phuket, here the rain season starts in April and ends (as a rule) in November. The maximum precipitations fall in September. The “dry season” on the island last from December to March and most tourists prefer to visit the island in this season.

    The island of Chang is characterized by much more significant precipitations than the other resorts of Thailand. However, the rain season lasts traditionally from May to October. The perfect time for the rest on this island is from November to March.

    As for the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, there aren’t many precipitations from the beginning of November to March. The official rain season starts in April and lasts to October. The maximum quantity of rainy days is registered in September.

    Of course, the weather in the rainy season can be unpredictable, but the most precipitations fall at night. And the strongest tropical showers are changed into the pleasant sunny weather in the morning. Such showers don’t last long (from 30 minutes to 2 hours). They also don’t cause many inconveniences to the tourists.

  • Outdoor

    Some pieces of advice about backyard landscaping

    Nowadays, the landscape design is striking in its uniqueness and at the same time, simplicity. Many ideas can make your backyard beautiful and unique, and most importantly, it all depends on your creativity.

    The main plus of garden bridges is a visual increasing of the site area bringing a new and original look to your garden. It is worth noting that such bridges as well as serve as a component of the walking trail, making it more expressive and impressive. Garden bridges are not too expensive, and the material from which they are made may be the most diverse (wood, metal, stone). If you decide to equip your backyard with such bridges, do not spin out the money and purchase a handicraft, all the more so there is an option of manufacturing the bridge of your design!

    Indeed, the best compliment to your garden can be considered a dry creek. This method of landscape design is included natural stones, laid out in the form of a dried-up riverbed. Use a dry creek in places where the creation of an artificial pond for some reason is impossible. The idea comes from Japan, where the dry river is not only very popular, but it is believed that it laid a sacred meaning. Japanese believe that if a garden to decorate this design solution, it will bring harmony and well-being to the hosts of the home.

    Regarding the creation of a dry creek, then for this, you will need your imagination, natural stones and as an option fine-grained stone chippings (with the help of it you can draw the water surface). Contours of the stream can be decorated not only with flowers but also ornamental plants such as juniper, dwarf spruce or mountain pine. You can also combine different techniques of landscape design, in this case, mounting a garden bridge above the dry creek.

    Another original solution for a garden plot is an imitation of the so-called abandoned garden. The idea is to create an ecosystem in which all will resemble a piece of wild nature. There must be present a pathway covered with moss; weeds are placed randomly throughout, small bushes and grasses, etc. The main thing that this ecosystem has taken root in the local context; this requires mandatory participation of insects and birds. Therefore, in addition to a variety of plants in this garden, there must be bird feeders, bird houses, etc. It is worth noting that the ‘neglect’ garden is not a cheap pleasure and requires the mandatory presence of a specialist when the area is landscaping. It is also essential to know that all the elements of such an ecosystem have to complement the environment, and in any case, do not contradict it, or, despite its naturalness, this abandoned garden quickly lose its aesthetic appearance.

    Glowing stones is an innovation in the field of landscape design. Night garden should be not only beautiful but also safe to move on it and rest in it. Glowing stones can be a very creative and original solution for backyard lighting.

  • Home

    2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck

    Modern houses with a flat roof, or “flat houses,” are particularly popular with the wealthy people who try to keep up with the times, are not afraid of experiments and innovative ideas at the country house. Not everyone likes the original designs of the flat-roof houses. A lot of people think that “flat houses” and cottages are neither functional nor beautiful, and living there is not comfortable. But it’s wrong. Some people don´t like the flat roof, as they don´t know how to care for it and shovel the snow in winter. The flat roof in house designs is made of PVC membrane that serves long and doesn’t require special care, while the snow on its surface melts with the particular heating elements.

    Pros and cons of the flat-roof houses.

    Cleaning. Snow and water can remain on the flat roof. If it is made wrong and poorly, it will gradually seep into the house and can even make the ceiling of the top floor wet. Therefore, the design phase, in which one calculates the slope, is very important. Yes, you heard right, the slope. Even the flattest roof must have at least a small slope that is not visible but enough for the water runoff. It is more difficult in winter when the snow falls onto the roof. After all, it may retain even on the steepest roof, not to mention the flat one. It will melt during the thaw, and then freeze again, with the result that the solid ice crust will form on the roof. There is a high risk of leaks, especially in spring. Therefore, you must regularly remove the snow from your roof. But those who don’t want to work with a shovel can install the system “Anti-ice” that will melt the snow and ice right on the roof.

    Thermal insulation. Due to the attic, the classic roofs create an air layer that can heat your house well. As the 2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck doesn’t form the attic nor has such layer, it must be heated properly. It also needs good thermal insulation. The designs of the flat-roof houses must initially provide full information about the roofing materials and their amount.

    Simple mounting. On the one hand, flat roof it is easier to make than the hipped, half-hipped, and tent- or pitch-roof. Here you don’t need the roof mounting so that there are no leaks or seeps. In that regard, such a roof is much more complicated.

    The great thing about the design of the flat-roof house is that you can find a good use for it. However, you must do it during the design phase. You can create a lovely terrace on the flat roof. All you need is to make the safety boards. You can also make a small tent and place the loungers- they won’t hurt. You can even create a tennis court on such roof (it the size allows it, of course). Modern materials and developments allow you to make a grass lawn and plant flowers on the 2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck. Such application is especially useful in urban settings, where every bush is weight in gold.

  • audi rs8

    Audi RS8: brilliant, but not good enough

    audi rs8
    Audi RS8

    Until recently, nobody even thought that Audi supercar dares to create a powerful supercar of 580 horsepower, especially after not very successful model Audi R8. However, the company has proved that it can make a car that will catch the famous Porsche 911 Turbo.
    This model is equipped with a 5.2-liter ten-cylinder engine with two turbines. This engine is borrowed from the previous model – RS6, only slightly took some modifications. The power of this unit makes 572 horsepower.

    After the test piece of Audi RS8 has burned during a trial race at the Nurburgring, it was reported that Audi company couldn’t install on the V10 engine so powerful cooling system/ that could prevent firing. However, Audi has coped with the task, and a year later stated that cooling problem is solved. On the Audi RS8 scheme is used, which was developed for conceptual R8 diesel V12 – compared to the base model, it delivers 20 percent better cooling of the engine compartment. This supercar is the most powerful modification of supercar Audi R8.

    It was expected that the car would accelerate to hundreds in less than 4 seconds and to 160 km / h – for as much as 8.5 seconds. This is undoubtedly a great result. The maximum speed of the model is 320 km / h.

    Externally, the RS8 is different from the production model R8. The rear wheel arches were changed – they have become more prominent, and the side gills-air intakes characterize the capacity of the motor. However, the wheels and tires of the prototype do not differ from the standard R8.

    Inside the vehicle, it should be noted the abundant use of aluminum and leather. Also, that is a racing steering wheel equipped with several keys for easy management of critical systems. In general, everything is perfect: ergonomic, comfortable, stylish, and luxurious.

    And finally – it was assumed that the price of this modification would be in Europe, EUR 150 000. And it is not too expensive, especially compared, for example, with Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Audi abandoned the idea to release a super-powerful executive class sedan and opened the secret meaning of the seemingly unpopular decision.

    Ingolstadt RS8 is excellent, but the S 63 AMG is incredible! At Audi, there is a 4,0-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with two turbines, while the AMG double boost pumps air into the furnace V8 engine capacity of 5.5 liters. The superiority in power and thrust is on the side of Mercedes-Benz: 585 hp 900 Nm and 520 hp and 650 Nm. With all-wheel drive S 63 AMG, the start to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds, S8 is almost neck and neck, trailing by 0.2 seconds. But soon there will be even crazier S 65 AMG. But playing with a supercar capacity is not for Audi.

  • House Plans Designs 1000 Sq Ft

    House Plans Designs 1000 Sq Ft

    A lot of people, undoubtedly, dream of living in a big, spacious house, but everyone understands that it is sometimes difficult to create a cozy atmosphere in such a house. However, if you look at the photos of some interiors, it becomes clear that difficulty does not mean impossibility.

    As a rule, people pay a lot of attention to the finishing of House Plans Designs 1000 Sq Ft, but you should also pay attention to other details because the harmony of the space is created only when everything in it is perfectly combined. If you want to achieve this, you should start thinking even at the stage of interior development. It is important to determine its style direction in order to adhere to the chosen style in the future.

    Popular styles

    The choice of interior style will depend primarily on the taste of the owner of the house, but it is also worth remembering that the interior should be organically combined with the exterior. That is, the minimalist style or the high-tech style will look ridiculous in a log hut, as well as country will not look properly in the house, the architecture of which is more like an ancient palace.

    Therefore, the materials from which the house is built, as well as its appearance from the outside already determine the future direction for the creation of the interior. At the moment, there are many varieties of styles. The photo shows only a small part of them. The most popular styles, which are perfectly suitable for the design of large houses, are the following:

    • Antique style;
    • Classic style;
    • Mediterranean style;
    • Oriental, and in particular Japanese style;
    • High tech style.

    As you can see, there is a lot to choose from, but this is not the whole list of possible options.

  • Kerala style house plans below 1500 sq feet

    Kerala style house plans below 1500 sq feet

    How much freedom does Kerala Style House Plans Below 1500 Sq Feet give? Is it enough for comfortable living?

    Spacious two- or three-room apartment is of such a size. However, well thought out and properly implemented design of the house gives more free space. For example, in contrast to the apartment, you can finish the second floor, build an attic and use a loft as an additional room.

    Moreover, the project of the house implies the construction of a separate building. This means that there will be no “noisy people next door,” i.e., you won’t have to pay special attention to soundproofing.

    Other exciting features of the house projects below 1500 Sq Feet:

    • This is a comfortable size for the small plots; it is possible to free the area of 150 m2, even if you have little building space. At that, as we have said, there can be 2 times more usable space due to the second floor.
    • This is an economy version, and the costs of material for the project of the small house are relatively small – arrangement of divisions and overlaps requires less money, and the finishing is cheaper. At that, you can make at least two cozy bedrooms, a living room, comfortable kitchen, and standard corridor.
    • The foundation of such a building may not be substantial. It’s true about both one-story and two-story houses. Plus, you can also minimize the area of the roof, which will decrease the pressure on the support structures.
  • Fountains

    The great variety of outdoor water fountains

    When the summer comes, the water fountains start to delight our eyes and attract us with their coolness. And the infinite sound of falling water always raises our spirits. The fountain in the square, city apartment, in the yard of country-house or on the small garden-plot is the best way to decorate the territory. People have built the fountains since ancient times. At that time they served as town water supply, while their lower bowls were used for washing on a hot day. Today everyone can afford the decorative water fountain.

    There are indoor and outdoor water fountains. They are used both for practical purposes and for the interior decoration. For example, the wall fountain “mill” decorates the ethnic cuisine restaurants. In a hot climate, the waterfall with a murmurous water jet reduces the air temperature in the apartments and regulates the humidity. Patio can’t do without a fountain with a big bowl, replacing the pool, where you can swill your feet after the walk on a dusty road or have a bath.

    The outdoor water fountains decorate the squares, parks and railway stations. They can be equipped with complicated mechanism (for example, “vocal” or “dancing” fountains, illumination or colored jets). The plainer fountains can be the fitting decoration of your garden plot. It can be the whole system of waterfalls with islets or bridges, flowing streams and geysers, getting from under the stones. The main of these fountains is the decoration of landscape design. Even a small water reservoir in the cottage, for instance, a little pond with the fountain in the center and the beautiful plants among the stones, can become a masterpiece. It’s also possible to connect the series of cascade fountains. And the different kinds of illumination can create a unique atmosphere for an evening gathering with friends to eat kebabs.

    There are different materials used for making fountains: stones and seashells; foam and cement; gypsum and china; plastic and ceramics; marble and wild stone.
    If the geophysical conditions in the area of private housing allow it, you can use the natural landscape slope so that the fountains or cascade ponds work without an electric motor. One pipeline is enough to carry the water from the spring, whose level is situated above. The combination of level difference and the calibration of holes in the influent pipes provide the required water pressure. Sometimes the principle of communicating vessels creates the necessary pressure without a hydraulic pump.

    The small garden fountain provides the coolness, aesthetic pleasure, and stress coping at a time.

  • Outdoor

    Functional lighting for your infield

    The lighting of garden area (backyards) has been and remains the most priority in contemporary landscape design. Not only a general view of the surrounding perimeter but your security, in particular, depend on the outdoor lighting.

    That is why all designers strongly recommend installing floodlights, which are able to highlight the house in the twilight clearly. And if earlier for such purposes widely were used powerful floodlights with incandescent lamps, so now more popular are spotlights, which are working with very powerful and cost-efficient halogen lamps.

    For led outdoor lighting of the surrounding perimeter, the ideal solution would be the use of lamps, floor lamps with high legs, which are made of steel or cast iron. Their design is strong and beautiful and consists of polymethylmethacrylate, steel, and tempered glass. Inside you can find the halogen lamps, which are working on mercury or iodine vapor, what has initially with high capacity and low energy consumption.

    For led outdoor lighting of garden paths, the ideal choice will be lights on a small floor lamp’s leg or led lights. They attract with a lovely look and exceptional durability, which is allowing them to serve you for a long time.

    In recent times using glowing bars or bollards have become popular, what can bring the vitality and diversity into the design of your landscape. Even in the daytime, when they are switched off, they are great-looking, because for their manufacture is used a thick corrugated glass.

  • Home

    Design of a house with three bedrooms.

    Even over the years, the construction of residential buildings in suburban areas has not lost its relevance. Projects of one-storied houses with three bedrooms are designed for comfortable family living, which can consist of 3 or more people. Such a layout is optimal for placing the parents and children under one roof.

    The guarantee of comfortable and convenient housing is not only its design and use of modern technologies but also the right location and the number of rooms. Nobody will build a house for a large family with one bathroom or a bedroom. You need to think through the personal space of each family member in detail because it is essential to have space where you can be alone. In your country cottage, you can relax after an exhausting working week and spend time with family or friends and just plunge into a pleasant home atmosphere.

    Kerala Style 3 Bedroom House Plans are convenient because it allows you to arrange all rooms in a small area. If you build a small mansion with an attic, the first floor can be used for utility premises (kitchen, storeroom, office space) and a spacious living room, and the second floor is a sitting area (bedrooms, library, study). If you prefer the classic one-storied mansions, then it will be logical to place the bedrooms on the south side, to fill them with warmth and natural light. Most often people prefer just one-storied houses with three bedrooms because of the convenience of placing all rooms on one level. This layout also allows you to save on the wiring of utilities, because you do not need to think about the location of electrical wiring, water supply, and heating, to spend time and money on work and materials.

    One of the rooms, according to the design of a house with three bedrooms, traditionally becomes a parental room, the second one is used as a child room, and the third one is suitable for guests, grandparents or an older child. How wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and enjoy the rays of the rising sun. Admire the beautiful garden around the house or even have your access to the courtyard directly from the bedroom. You can decorate the room and slightly expand the space using a pretty bay window, complemented by panoramic windows.
    Such a house will be an easy solution for your family and will be able to accommodate every guest with all possible facilities.

  • How to place the furniture in the room (18 m2)

    How to place the furniture in the room (18 m2)?

    Arrangement of the furniture in the room with an area of 18 m2: basic rules

    Arrangement of the furniture in the room with an area of 18 m2

    The main thing in the development of interior of the small rooms is not to use too much decorative elements. You should approach the furnishing of small room with special care. To properly arrange all decoration items, you can turn to special computer programs or draw a plan on the paper.

    When planning a room, you must always comply with the following rules:

    • Start the plan for the accommodation of furniture in the room (18 m2) by finding the most comfortable place for the largest pieces of furniture. Only after placing the sofa and wardrobe, you can locate the armchairs, cabinets and shelves.
    • Passages between the pieces of furniture must be at least 60 cm. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to move around the room.
    • If you’re going to place the headset consisting of sofa and armchairs in the room, the distance between them should be minimal.
    • Distance between the coffee table and sofa must not exceed 40 cm.
    • In small premises, you should replace the large furniture with more elegant and ergonomic one.
    • Entrance area must be always free.
    • In small rooms, you shouldn’t block the window with the large interior items, floor lamp and house plants.
    • TV must be located at a distance of 1.8-3 m from the place where you will watch it.

    How to properly arrange the furniture in the living room (18 m2)?

    How to properly arrange the furniture in the living room (18 m2)

    Full-fledge design of the living room implies:

    • Well-planned layout of the room.
    • Stylish decoration.
    • Skillful zonation of the available area.

    Sustain the style

    You can use different styles for the decoration of a small living room:

    • Classic. This style combines soft lines, coziness, restraint, single composition and impeccable taste. Small area of the living room in classic style obliges you to consider the following important points:
      • use only light shades in the design of the room;
      • chandelier must correspond to the size of the room;
      • soft furniture (sofa) should be located along the wall;
      • you should leave the center free.
    • Minimalism. This is one of the modern directions. Main task of minimalism is to save as much space as possible for movement. The furniture must be simple, practical and functional.
    • High tech. Ultramodern direction involves the presence of cold shades, finishing from the advanced materials and plenty of technological novelties.
    • Eco-style. Modern style doesn’t require large space and fits perfectly into the interior design of the living room. When decorating the room in eco-style, you should use minimum artificial materials. The best interior decorations are stone, wood, ceramics, flax and green plants.
    • Ethnic direction adheres to the ideas of one culture. Colorful ideas from Japan, China and Africa are mostly used in the decoration of such rooms.
    • Pop art is a style, characterized by unusual contrasts and bright paints. Decoration of the room in pop art style involves much light and glossy surfaces.

    Decoration of rectangular hall (18 m2): photos

    Decoration of rectangular hall (18 m2): photos

    In the panel house, guest room most often has a rectangular shape. Main task in the development of interior of such room is to approach the shape to the square. The main advantage of square room is symmetry of space.

    This can be achieved with the help of various techniques:

    • Correct placement of furniture;
    • Nonstandard color solutions of the walls;
    • Right location of main and additional lighting.

    Designers represent their pictures with different ideas for the rectangular rooms with an area of 18 m2. In all photos, you can see the calm shades of the walls and bright furniture. Balanced color scheme makes it possible to achieve full harmony in the interior. It is the background, where you can place the bright decorative elements.

    Furniture plays a very important role in the decoration of rectangular room. It must be practical and functional.
    Small room must contain only necessary pieces of furniture. These can be a compact sofa, a corner wall with built-in TV and coffee table. Modern fashion trend is a predominance of natural motives. For this purpose, you should use a lot of beige, green and maroon colors. Basic shades are grey and white. The photos of design ideas will help you to carefully consider your own project.

    Fashionable design of the hall of the apartment (18 m2)

    Fashionable design of the hall of the apartment (18 m2)

    Small living room can be changed beyond recognition. It is enough to use your imagination, helpful tips of experienced designers and quality material. If you use different styles and directions, house owners and their guests will feel very comfortable in the living room. If you use the tricks with lighting and finishing, small room will look spacious and light.

    How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom (18 m2)?

    How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom (18 m2)?

    Bed plays a key role in planning and arranging the furniture of the bedroom (18 m2). However, wardrobe and bedsides are also important. Therefore, we recommend you to heed the following recommendations of the designers to position the interior items correctly:

    • Headboard must be moved to the wall.
    • Place the double bed to provide the free access on both sides. The width of aisle to the sleeping place must be at least 70 cm.
    • Single bed should be located along the wall.
    • Don’t place the bed opposite the front door and near the window. Sunlight, draft and difficult approach to the window will soon force you to make a rearrangement.
    • An important detail of bedroom is a wardrobe. For a small bedroom, you can order a case-compartment or corner cupboard. It will help you to save space. Place the wardrobe opposite or at the side of the window so that the light falls on the content.
    • Place the bedside tables on either side of the bed. Many people use the pedestals of the same design, but modern stylists recommend choosing asymmetry and using the nightstands of different design. Or better yet, change one of the pedestals to the dressing table.

    Placement of furniture in the children’s room with an area of 18 m2

    Placement of furniture in the children’s room with an area of 18 m2

    Main problem in the placement of functional furniture is not only to fit the largest number of subjects on the small area, but also to create comfortable conditions for the child.

    Depending on the child’s age, the room must include:

    • Sleeping area.
    • Play area.
    • Work area.
    • Wardrobe.
    • Seating area.

    When distributing these areas, you should adhere to certain rules:

    • Sleeping place should be located in the far corner near the window, but as far as possible from the entrance door. If it is not possible to move the sleeping place away from the door, separate the bed with a decorative partition or screen.
    • Study (work) area should be placed near or to the left of the window. If such arrangement is impossible, you should provide sufficient lighting, able to offset the natural light.

    To save the space of small children’s room, you should buy the multi-tiered furniture. Any child will be thrilled to get an interesting two-part structure: cupboard with many shelves and drawers and comfortable bed on top instead of standard furniture.